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    Question 7.3 Unholy Haste Breakpoints

    So with the buff to Dark Arbiter actually lasting for a full 20 seconds of attack time, has anyone done, or see math on what the new Haste breakpoints would be for either/both DA attacks and GCD?

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    16% is 10 hits 28% is 11. I don't know above that.

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    You can hit 12 hits in as low as 19% haste. She lasts for 21 seconds most of the time actually.

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    When going below 16% my DPS drops ridiculously low.

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    I'm 20.8% haste and soloing 120m health mobs Iseem to always get 13 hits on pull

    No haste procs as far as I know

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    I get 12 hits with 16,34% haste

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    13 hits with 32% haste. And SimC still sims Haste > Mast

    Haste Mastery Str Crit Vers
    31.42 28.96 26.20 24.20 24.18

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    Sims will always put haste higher if you are close to a breakpoint, and it will either be top or bottom depending on how close you are, or at least that's what I've observed. Just keep simming minor tweaks to your haste until it suddenly drops to the bottom of your stat priority, which means that you've probably hit the breakpoint with whatever setup you're trying out. Also keep in mind that if you have lower fight length on your sim, your haste sim is going to be seriously affected by lust, so you want like 5 or 6 minutes for the sim to think about 1-2 more valks and how haste will play with them rather than just 1 from your opener with lust. Fight duration is also super important in the actual game as well, and haste is going to be more or less valuable depending on whether you're taking SI/CoF or IC/non-CoF trinket. If you're not getting a clear enough picture from sims, looking at logs is also super helpful (maybe more helpful in some cases).

    I run a 925 Fel-Oiled Infernal Machine and no CoF with a haste of 25.24%. I sim about 1.53m with mastery simming as my top stat and haste at the bottom, because using the FOIM during each valk puts me over the 28% breakpoint without me needing to stack more. I'd suggest farming one out because it means you can be a lot more liberal in stacking mastery/strength on your offsets/gems/enchants and kind of ignore haste.

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    I mistyped, 38.53% is the cutoff for 19 casts using the 21.1s DA duration assumption with bloodlust, not 28. DA has 2 sets of assumptions for haste breakpoints post-7.3. One set of assumptions is based on the 20.9s DA duration and the other on 21.1s. DA can last anywhere between those two values. When I have lust I hit the 19 breakpoint for the 21.1 assumption pretty easily, and when I get decent RNG on pull the 19th cast is insanely impactful.

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