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    Rap is crap.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shinra1 View Post
    [...] black people have no power, privilege they cannot be racist since they were oppressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by satimy View Post

    Thank god the censors at YouTube took down those offensive Jordan's Peterson speeches. Are YouTube hypocrites if they don't demonetize this based on what they have demonetized?
    Why does the colour of the child matter?

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    Would it be too edgy for me to suggest we lynch that try-hard of a rapper instead? People that seek fame, by any means necessary, are disgusting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Protean View Post
    Why does the colour of the child matter?
    to symbolize equality

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    Quote Originally Posted by vain View Post
    to symbolize equality
    I mean in the context of this forum post. It's not a white child, it's a child. Period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Connal View Post
    I normally do not like most country for the same reason... (Save Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Kacey Musgraves, and a few others. )

    For movies, I like ones with "heroes" (or scientists) that save the day... so Star Trek, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc... so the violence has a reason... usually saving someone... or is avoided with negotiation, etc... I also like horror, but thats is usually about saving someone from a terrible fate, etc...

    On TV, I watch mostly Documentaries (on PBS), and (Gordon Ramsay(because he is a perfectionist that does not mince words)) cooking shows.
    You kind of sidestepped my question though, Commando isn't a documentary, neither is Predator, or Terminator, Charles Bronson movies also aren't documentaries either. So my question was do you place the same kind of logic to those forms of entertainment you put towards rap.

    Because I hate rap myself, but not because it is especially more violent or more or less responsible for anything than what I just said.

    I agree rap is garbage because it fails any for of artistic standard, I am less worried about what is being said vs why the hell they are saying it. It's mostly just noise isn't even poetic noise anymore either, it's just guys talking over tracks mixed by people with even less talent for producing the music they have taken from actual people who did.

    However just like Violence I don't blame on all rap, I don't blame the constant garbage I hear from other categories also like Country.

    Country is right there with rap, devoid of any artistic style or meriting any real message whatsoever, and most of it seems to be inspired by few sentenced lines, and meaningless statements and recycled tracks all created by folks that aren't the over paid Karaoke singers in mainstream now.

    See I brought all that up because I am talking about distinctions.

    We both don't like rap music, but my problem with it has nothing to do with it especially more than any other form of entertainment especially concerning violence.

    Shit we have a fucking cartoon where a bunch of foul mouthed 4th graders talk about kicking a fucking baby, or a former cartoon network whos primary late night line up consist of some of the move vile violent shit known to man, where nearly nothing is off limits.

    So to isolate this one idiot rapper, who made a video with someone who's parents obviously had to allow for this shit to happen, and trying to stroke racial and race conversation about entire groups of people.

    So that is why I asked what I asked, where do you stand on all the other forms of entertainment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by satimy View Post
    Oh I'm sorry MallSecurity did I misinterpret the lynching of child that you apparently have no issue with. And did you just claim that trump lynched a biracial child?
    I am saying that an actual lynching happened and you are more concerned with fiction once again, is it Trumps fault?

    Nah he is a Symptom
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    Quote Originally Posted by Protean View Post
    Why does the colour of the child matter?
    Because if the child was black and rapper was white, this story would be the top headline for every new organization in the US and major organizations like BLM would be protesting.

    This "symbolism" is just pure hatred and racism. They youtube account should be banned for that unacceptable crap.

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    This is exactly why we don't allow race threads. Take the race-based drum-beating elsewhere.

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