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    Longer? Really? Mine are mainly all super short; 5-6 hours, so I never get my equipment bonuses I set all my followers up with because almost everything worth doing took over 8 hours. Plus the whole, you're only allowed to send 2 followers a considerable amount of the time (super annoying). I'm pretty sure it's actually a bad idea to unlock those missions on my alts.
    I've kept a spreadsheet of gold earned across my 12 characters because I'm an idiot, but around 7.2 I upgraded my main's champions from 850 to 900 and left it at that for a month. Over the course of that month (and subsequent months) I've noticed that my main has earned less gold per day on average than any of my characters still at ilevel 850 champions. That could be RNG, but at this stage that feels unlikely. The drop was by like 20k a month. He only got a gold mission about half the days in a given month while most alts had more than one per day, on average.

    When Argus came out, since I only have the one character at ilevel 900 champions, I unlocked the new Argus missions on him. Surprisingly, SO FAR he's getting more gold than he has in a long time - in fact, as of the 15th September he had already earned the same gold per day projected for the entire month that he had earned in August, meaning he's earned gold at double the rate so far. Again, could be RNG, but it's looking up.

    The trade off to that, though, is that the missions appear to be more expensive, harder to reach 200% on, and while there are some 4-8 hour missions a lot seem to be 16 hours to a full day. Plus, it is both rarer to see and harder to Bonus reputation token missions, which sucks as that character was the only one pulling in bind-on-account 750/1500 rep tokens for paragon purposes. Now he's the only one who can earn Argus rep tokens, outside of the random world quests.

    It's an annoying balancing act. It feels like depending on the kind of rewards you want, the missions are split into different tiers, so far. No idea what 925 or 950 missions will look like, but from my experience it's like..

    850: Best for gold/cost balance
    900: Best for reputation/AP
    900 Argus: Best for... Argus currency, rep and items. Good gold, but at a higher cost.

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    Got my first 7 crafting toons through all 3 week questline and the dungeon, and now collecting 925 champion gear, just 4 more alts to finish the 3rd week quests and the dungeon.
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    its annoying because i have to do the shitty lore quests for the 10th time when i didnt even care the first time with main. time gate it for alts like requiring worldbosses unlock after doing 30 argus wqs or whatever. blizzard seems so proud of their story in legion but teleporting 50 times from ship to ground, walking alongside talking npcs and skipping cutscenes is so annoying. it doesnt even reward good ap like suramar for which is at least kinda worth doing it.

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