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    The Voids/rifts look like huge gaping purple vaginas.....why did they do this?

    As the title states all the new rifts in the new 5man and in the new zones look like huge gaping purple vaginas....it is creepy. WTF where they thinking?

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    Can't say I noticed that.

    Have you ever done a Rorschach test, OP? Results might be interesting.

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    You have clearly never seen a vagina before.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dasani View Post
    I think you are confused.

    You are in the demon hunter forum, otherwise known as the 7.0 hype train. Why did you board the hype train if you don't wish to participate in hype train activities?

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    I wonder If i'll be able to make this comment before this thread is closed. *fingers crossed*

    Edit: yaay

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    This isn't really an appropriate thread.
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