Hello, currently I am looking for a late night guild that starts raiding around 11 pm pst or ends around 11:30 am pst (start around 3pm GMT).

About Me:
I work in a grocery store my shifts end late and I would like to start raiding again. I have not raided (progression) since heroic ICC and do not have any logs for past raids I have done through open raid and lfr, my previous guild dissolved after we defeated lk10 and had the gap in time before cataclysm. I have mostly been an altaholic and have all 11 classes across horde and alliance. With 6.0 coming I am looking to have a single set character (and maybe an alt or 3) to focus on raiding with for this and hopefully future expansion. I have a working mic and am open for an interview in game or on skype

About You:
I am looking for a guild that raids 3 or 4 days a week with 3-6 hours a day (more or less work and expect more during progression but that is my ideal). I would also like a guild that is active on the off days either with alts, etc...