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    intelligent people dont drink at all.
    And the award of Nobel Peace Prize for Moronic Statements goes to....

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    I don't really get drunk at all -- except in Finland -- but if I did, no, I would find it unprofessional to oversleep.

    However, one drink to help you sleep, isn't getting drunk.

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    i have yes... now eh not so much but then again i'd just work from home the next day so no one would know....
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    Quote Originally Posted by vain View Post
    drugs are cheaper
    What drugs are cheaper?

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    I just quit my job three weeks ago. We all went to the bar that Thursday (day before I quit) and I got drunk. Seven people bought me shots and I had three glasses of mixed drinks (12 oz, redbull mixed with Jim apple, yum), all in the span of an hour. I had to wait two hours before I could drive home.

    Went to work the next day, was fine. As long as you don't get SMASHED it isn't going to effect how you are the next day. Beer tends to stick on your breath more than mixed drinks too.

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    I have a couple of times and do not recommend. Going into work at 8am with a hang over is not pleasant. A couple of drinks on a work night (like 2-3 beers) is just fine but I don't have time for that much now anyways.

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    Nope. I've only had alcohol 3 times in my life, only been actually drunk twice ever, and the last time was 11 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorice View Post
    I am so jelous right now.
    its pretty sick, i get a 40% discount on ingredients too. and free distilled water.

    all in all to make 5 gallons of a dank ipa it costs me around $30 and my time to make it
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    I'm a casual drinker, but it's been a while since I've gotten shitfaced.
    The wise wolf who's pride is her wisdom isn't so sharp as drunk.

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    I don't get drunk at all. Period.

    Plus, I often do some work in the evenings on workdays too.
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