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    Question Thoughts on Argus zone music?

    So just an introduction, I love the music of WoW. I listen to a load of the zone music on YouTube all the time when I fancy chilling out. (Some great 3 hour mixes of the best tracks on there) Some I love more than others but very few I heavily dislike, they all have great themes.

    Having said that I'm really struggling to enjoy the music of Argus, with he exception of Mac'Aree. Obviously I get that it's Argus so it "has to be epic", but do we always need dramatic music while doing world quests? It feels a bit forced.

    Visually Argus is stunning, and I absolutely adore the image of Azeroth on the skyline which just looks so amazing. But I can't help but feel the ambience would be even better if it had eery astral music more akin to what we heard in Hellfire Peninsula, which having just listened to it again on YouTube, I think would have been perfect.

    What is everyone's thoughts? Maybe it will grow on me.

    Obviously if you don't listen to WoW music and just turn it off then maybe this topic won't interest you
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    Blizzard rarely disappointing with the music in their games but I gotta say they did a great job with Argus.

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    7.3's Music is okay but I wish there was less angry and aggressive themes, I kinda want a few more relaxed, ambient ones, id love a slower, more choiral version of Khadgar's plan playing with a female singer just casually singing it like an aria something like a "calm before the storm" piece or something to just, relax the threat pace that Antorus music always gives (even if theres a logical reason for it being that way).

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    Argus music gives me Star Wars vibes (at least music from pre-quels)

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    I really like the music in Argus, very nice and immersive! Haven't heard the music in Mac'aree yet though.

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    Not a fan of the more-aggressive approach, but I can at least understand why it is like that. I still like Mac'Aree's rather relaxing music. The bits from WoD's SMV there amuse me the most.

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    Don't care for the Argus music at all. Oh well, at least I always have my order hall music.

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    I like the whole Dreanei theme the whole planet has (obviously duh), you can hear music reminiscent of TBC everywhere. Exodar music, Terokkar Forest type music, Hellfire music, it's like s slight nudge to your nostalgia while also adding some really good scores of it's own in between.

    It also reintroduces some of the old ambient music WoW has been missing for a while.

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