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    Sargeras | The Marginal Difference 1/9M 9/9H

    The Marginal Difference is currently recruiting for our Core Group. Our Team is focused on progression raiding and allowing for more flexibility to raid depending on raiders' schedules. We are also recruiting those that are interested, or solely dedicated to, PvP. Of course, any player just looking for a guild is also welcome!

    A Guild not just a raid team.

    The guild was formed by top 100 US Raiders in various expansions, to have a guild that can do top level content in relevancy, but still have a good time with people we would like to play with, and not just "players of a certain skill."

    We want members who WILL and ARE doing productive stuff in game that will enhance their skills and the guilds.
    You will also find us doing any relevant content such as M/M+ from 2 to 15, Normals, and World Content.

    A Community for expanding

    We all enjoy playing wow, but you'll find us talking about and doing way more than just that.

    We fancy other activities and games such as:
    Chatting on Discord at all hours of the day
    Art(Graphic Design/Drawing)
    FOOD(Growing, Cooking, Eating)
    Diablo(Especially when a new season arrives)
    Card Games
    and many other FPS/Survival/MMOs

    If you are interested, please use the contacts list below to get in contact with the respective guild representative.

    The raid times will be as follows:
    Weekdays - Tues/Wed 7-10 Server Time/CST Or 8-11 EST
    Weekend - Saturday 9-12 Server Time/CST or 10-1 EST

    Recruitment Needs: {You can get a raid spot in a field that is filled by being a better Tank, Healer or DPS}

    Core Group
    Tanks: Open (Blood, Guardian, BrM Pref)
    Healers: R Sham(OS Ele)
    DPS: All Specs (Pref Ranged)

    Recruitment Contact information:
    Elderfro#1453 - (GM/RL)
    MrBrightSide#1209 (Raid Officer)

    Are you wondering what the difference between us and the others is? Simple. The difference is Marginal!
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    Bump - Looking for Range DPS

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    Bump - Both teams looking for healers and Range DPS

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