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    Ever since Twitch took over curse

    This forum has had lots of problems redirecting wrong or not loading properly and the addons have issues updating or being found. I noticed it when i was trying to update my WOW addons since i had decided to try use a game token to try out Argus. Is anyone else noticing this?
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    I've noticed it like once, I think.

    Mostly my beef with Twitch is the twitch app replacing curse client. I use NOTHING but the WoW Mods part of the twitch app.
    Stupid twitch, wtb curse client again -_-

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    Have not had any issues loading mmoc personally

    Regarding the curse client/twitch app transition: that's not within the scope of this site, but I know where you're coming from on that. There's something alternative you can use on github but I never bookmarked it. I just use the favorites page on curse and manually download from there.
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    The forum has been on the same servers running mostly the same code for the past several years. Nothing significant has changed in the last year. Other than a couple minute long blips in the last week, the site has actually gotten slightly faster in the past few weeks.

    If you are having issues with the Twitch app, check out their support site or contact them, we don't really have anything to do with it.

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