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though I did manage to pick off a fleeing Garrosh with 5 shots earlier which, to be fair, ranks as one of my favourite ever moments in the game
That must have been epic!
I almost did the same thing but the enemy was left with 1% HP on my last shot. Gosh darn it, it would have been epic because it was all blind shots and i was hitting them all.

So far i'm loving the champion because of the roleplay value. It reminds me of Metal Gear Solid and the boss "The End".

I'm having fun stacking poisons on Mages and reducing their damage by 75%
Her Q can be frustrating in the middle of the chaos of a 5v5 battle but in skirmishes is doable...i don't know it also depends on your teammates but i'm not getting mad at all in my games. I guess i can hit skill shots 80% of the time.