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    Meatball Follower quest line issue

    Hi there, I completed the mission board quest "We Brought The Hammer" today after reset when I logged into the game (not on an app). The next quest "It's Clean Up Time" didn't show up on my mission board quests. I read that if your quest line"bugs" then fight Oso again to reset the quests to show up again. I requested another challenge card to fight Oso and killed him and the quest still isn't showing up in my mission board. Is anyone else having a problem with this quest line? I found this post below on wow forums so there must be some bug with it I'm guessing. Did anyone else have problems with this quest line and if so how did you fix it?

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    This character is on the 6th step, "It's Clean Up Time" mission table quest, with about 6 hours to go for completion. I have 2 characters that just turned in the previous quest in the chain, "We Brought the Hammer", but for some reason the next quest is not showing up. I even did a few brawls (which I had to do on this character to get the next one to show up) but still nothing. Did anyone else encounter this same issue trying to get Meatball on multiple characters?

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    How long did you wait? Quest takes hours to appear.

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    The other quests I completed prior to this one called "Everyone Loves a Good Fight", "Council of War" and "We brought the Hammer" showed up immediately after completing. I figured this one would be the same as those and appear instantly.

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    The later missions can take a LONG time to show up, ranging from a few hours to a day or so.
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    Oh okay thank you. I'll let you know if/when it turns up then!

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    Oh okay thank you. I'll let you know if/when it turns up then!

    Thank you for the posts! I just checked my mission board and the quest is there now!

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