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    Normal cleared! Ready for heroic!

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    First three heroic down! Recruitment is open - come chat with us today!

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    Two more down! 5 of 8 Heroic this week. Getting ready to knock down the last 3 ASAP!

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    Two more heroics down! One more to gooo!

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    Ahead of the Curve complete! Gearing up for mythic! Come join us!

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    First mythic kill down! Plenty more to go!

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    Mythic Radiance of Azshara down! 2 down - 6 to go!

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    Behemoth down! Time to dance with Lady Ashvane!

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    Ashvane two weeks ago. Oops! Sadly, after the nerf. So close pre-nerf! Oh well, it be like that sometimes.

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    End-of-the-year holiday gauntlet leads to progress cooling. Don't worry! We're still doing fun stuff! If you're looking for a place to call home, check us out!

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    Hope everyone had a happy holidays! Our break is over, and we're jumping back into raiding recharged and ready to go! Come join us!

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    Happy Friday, ladies & gents!

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    Quick run through in normal and then focus on farming up heroic. Mythic kills are always the goal!

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    7 heroic kills down in one week. Let's gooo!

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    Farming up heroic for the loots. If you're looking for a guild family, we're huggers! Come check us out.

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    Shad'har & Drest'agath down tonight! Three more to go!
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    Aaannnddd two more kills in the books! Let's gooo!

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    Bimpity boppity bumpity

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    N'zoth dead. Mythics - let's gooo! &&& first mythic drops same night! Woot!
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    What's better than killin' mythic bosses? Killin' mythic bosses with super rad peeps. Come chat us about becoming a part of our team!

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