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    P.S. Isn't $150 cheap for a designer handbag?
    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked View Post
    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    As much as I don’t like these two. People should fuck off and live their own lives.

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    Kylie Jenner is a designer handbag herself.

    Your income seldom exceeds your personal development.

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    Who gives a crap about these stupid whores anyway? Honestly, people need to stop giving these attention whores what they want and that's attention.

    Congrats to the 11 fools who made the ignore list, your ignorance knows no bounds, bravo!

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    Ĺooks like a retro item.
    Quote Originally Posted by Skroe View Post
    And since when has UN backing mattered for anything?
    China and Russia are global rogues, trampling international norms...
    I would rather my country be perceived from time to time, as a global bully...
    All in the same post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaymer77 View Post
    The Link be sure to read page 2 for all the tweets and stuff too

    So what are you thoughts on this?
    Short answer? We have a society that is eternally looking to be offended about things, if they aren't offended they are offended about not being offended.

    Very few people alive on the planet are what can be called 'original' everyone is borrowing or appropriating something from somewhere. Look at all the offended people, they themselves are incapable of original thought, they have to be told to be offended by someone else.

    Long answer? Who cares.

    --- Want any of my Constitutional rights?, ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ
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    Quote Originally Posted by therealstegblob View Post
    Chinese takeout boxes aren't even Chinese in origin. But hey, 2017 culture at work I guess.
    I know right? It's like other symbols, words, etc around the world which are claimed to be identified to a nationality and aren't... Sigh. The age of information at our fingertips and people still are in the Dark Ages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    I hate myself for saying this but that handbag is kind of cute...

    Whose culture are they appropriating? Chinese takeout? I suppose that is its own unique culture...

    P.S. ""?
    I think it's because they have a history of stealing other people's ideas, not really that people are outraged about this specific instance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polyxo View Post
    Cultural appropriation is a thing, but this is not it.
    no its not. Culture is not intelectual property. Just because white people invented the business suit does not give me a right to complain when non whites use business suits. It would be incredibly ridiculous , pety, and i would look like an asshole to every one else, which is exactly how social justice activists look when they cry about cultural apropriation.

    Also notice how "culture" is only about hair style clothing and food, like literally reducing the culture of people to such mundane and trivial things

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    So tacky looking...

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    It looks nice. Why are racists who hate multiculturalism upset with this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heladys View Post
    Don't post shit that makes me side with Jenners, because as stupid as this complaint is, it's still distasteful to support them in anything.
    Sooooooo much this.

    Why anyone follows anything clothing wise these people make is beyond me. If anyone is that obsessed with having the latest fashion they drop the kind of money these people ask for this garbage..........

    I lose more faith in humanity daily then anyone should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaymer77 View Post
    The Link be sure to read page 2 for all the tweets and stuff too

    So what are you thoughts on this?
    ....its them...what have they brought out last year that was not stolen art , clothing etc.......

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