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He has a window of very high burst opportunity combined with 50% heal and a long knockback. This means he can reliably win or at the very least fend off a grand majority of heroes in game. It begins at level 1, but Raynor only gets stronger with talents.

Obviously, 1v1 potential isn't why you bring an AA carry into any game.
the 50% heal is really nothing compared to the DPS boost Seasoned Marksman gives , If you get the quest done you'll have like 15-20% more auto attack damage (than usual) The only talent(s) I would take for survivability is the "Fight or Flight" at lvl 7 , not only does it make you to press E any time you want , but it will also give your 25 armor for 4 seconds and that combined with self heal from auto attacks

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Only really inexperienced players can compare Raynor to Greymane, they fill different niches. Raynor is a great pick against almost any AA-based assassin thanks to his range advantage, he has versatile talent paths and allows Raynor player to really show off his skills by knowing range of abilities and heroes, positioning himself properly, having more time to dodge skillshots and otherwise being one step ahead of you.

His problem is - when someone outranges his he sucks balls, and with all these Ming/Chromie/Azmodan/Jaina favored meta (at least in gold-plat from my observation) it's way more convenient to pick Greymane to counter them, instead of Raynor.

getting your passive proc too early
Greymane if he doesn't go cancerous Q build is the same as Raynor , except the fact that he doesn't have a heal and can deal far more better damage in a "finisher" style , Raynor just sets up the kills

You can pick lvl 7 talent , it makes his heal to proc any time you click E + 25 armor ... with the 50% extra heal on lvl 1 he will be harder to kill