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    What really hurts Blizzard PR is that its all a bunch of canned comments

    Processed canned food is bad for you. They take a bad product and inject it with chemicals to make it more appealing. Its the same thing when a company communicates with its audience. Most of the blue comments you see are liked canned processed food. They give you a substandard comment and it is heavily processed in such a way to make it as palatable as possible.

    Your PR people should actually be PASSIONATE about the product. And that doesn't mean a bunch of emoji or exclamation points hyping a new feature or patch. Do that over and over for months / years and it feels like its fake. People begin to sense there is no passion, its just pimping a product that probably isnt that good.

    These Blizzard blues should be out there, every day, talking about the things they really enjoy about the game. And the way it comes off as genuine is if (1) its not about exclusively the newest feature (and in fact it almost should NEVER be about the newest feature. Maybe 5%-10% at most should be about the newest feature otherwise it comes off as selling product instead of actually liking the game). (2) they post a LOT of it.

    Here is the wrong way for a blue to post:

    It’s Pirate’s Day! Celebrate all things piratical in Booty Bay!

    That's comes off as fake. It comes off as selling product without any passion. here would be the correct way to do it to make it feel like you actually like the game.

    Its the Pirates day minievent. I've got the Avast ye Admiral quest completed so I can't wait to get my Black Flag. I'm horde so I'm probably going to take the Thunder Bluff portal and then fly to Ratchet and take the boat in. There isn't much to do so I'll spend maybe 10 minutes there but I love the toy.

    See, there's a difference between just selling me a canned product and actually making it sound like its something YOU are doing and give a crap about which makes it more interesting to read.

    (and before you comment yes I used a new feature as an example but it shoudn't stick to that.)

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    Tbh, I prefer the first description the way Blizzard did it, Your alternative description was just a long winded way of telling us how to get there, it also might alienate alliance players because you don't even mention them.

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    I'm quite fine with the way they're doing it and frankly prefer it over the phony example you made really.

    Now THAT is fake to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thargas28 View Post
    I'm quite fine with the way they're doing it and frankly prefer it over the phony example you made really.

    Now THAT is fake to me.
    This. Second example sounds like it's way more acted out and trying to sell a product than the first one, which is just pointing out the event is happening.

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