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    Bloodstained Handkerchief, Kruul

    So with NA mage tower coming soon, i have an 880 version of the trinket, i'm looking for other peoples opinion if it would be a decent idea to use it on inquisitor, as a constant dmg, while im out of range and killing eyes and the sort. other than that, i have tanking trinkets like coagulated nightwell residue and inescapable dread, haste stat stick ones to.

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    If you have the heirloom trinket from warlords that increases damage against demons. Use that. Also the damage from the handkerchief is rubbish and would not make a difference.

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    well fuck me silly

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    The only time I'd even consider hankerchief is heroic high botanist tel'arn on prog/early farm. Which is the best case scenario for that trinket, and it's still not that great.
    ... But if it's a major ilvl upgrade over your current dps trinks then at least it's a str trinket.

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