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    Arms: 4 Set priority over ilvl?

    I don't raid outside of LFR, I have started focusing on trying to do higher mythic+. Just wondering at what point does ilvl outweigh t20? I can get 4 set bonus but I have a 10-25 ilvl difference between my tier pieces and my higher ilvl gear (not just like a 5-10 ilvl difference). Just looking for insight.

    I used askmrrobot and it gave me the current setup I am running now, but there are arms warriors out there that are close to me in ilvl that completely spank me in M+ runs. I assume it is because they have mythic tier set while I am stuck scrounging for m+ gear.

    Any and all insight is greatly appreciated! Hopefully when the new raid comes out I will have pushed to get into at least a heroic raiding guild.


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    I suppose this is not the answer you are looking for, but the easiest solution for you would be to sim yourself.

    Here is a nice video explaining how to sim for best gear in very few easy steps:


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    That will work perfectly I have only ever used AskMrRobot. I will give this video a watch, thank you for the response!

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