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    I didn't use software. I used my keyboard, custom bindings within the game, and an addon that blizzard approved. I forget the name. I think it had 'octo' in the name or something. And again, this was YEARS ago. If it was against the rules I would've been hit a long time ago.

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    Those are both good theories.

    Anyway, I'm done responding to this. So many of you are completely missing the point and getting derailed. Keep at it if you want to, I just made the post for people to laugh at. Do so, or keep doing what you're doing. Either way I'm sure a mod will close this thread at some point anyway, the MMO-C mods don't like me either lol.
    Best of luck to you.

    Was it Octopus?

    Octopus is a GUI based KM + key/click/cursor multi window caster basically. It is a server/client in one EXE ; That is right from their website. Exe are not addons. This is using both an addon and a EXE which is what I was talking about when I said software that mimics hardware.

    I'm not saying this is definitely what did it, but I've only ever used Cursegaming and they restrict mods to ones build by Blizzards API software which are the approved addons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by endersblade View Post
    Either way I'm sure a mod will close this thread at some point anyway, the MMO-C mods don't like me either lol.
    Not liking you wouldn't be the reason. It's just going to be back to back arguing of speculation and who's 'right' without any proof. No worthwhile discussion comes from that.

    Your thread kinda begged derailment anyways. You stated that you made it with no intention of discussing things - it was just a story. People are arguing aspects of said story.

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    Sounds like either half the truth or your account isn't secure, or you still have a 3rd party software on your computer. You don't need a subscription to be kept away if having unwanted activities.
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    You used an Addon that got you banned. You said it was "Blizzard Approved" but technically no Addons are Blizzard Approved, most are just Blizzard Tolerated.

    Chances are the Addon triggered a Ban multiple times and each time they've done a Banwave, it has just hit your account for another of the infractions.

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