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    Lore of Warcraft III in WoW engine, reminder.


    If your'e tired of replaying WC:RoC & WC:TFT campaign(I don't how) try watching this.

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    Nice find, thanks

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    Same things for WCI and WCII would be amaze balls.

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    Funny thing - it was made by a guy who made Ancient Chronicle - something like Chronicles made by Blizzard but without retcons etc... He did that before Blizzard did it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VyersReaver View Post
    Same things for WCI and WCII would be amaze balls.
    It would be awesome, unfortunately those videos required private server and it was shut down, Ventass lost all of the assets in the process and it looks like it takes far too much to recover/recreate them. So what you see is one of a kind WC3 experience. Spread the word if you can. I don't think anything remotely similar coming any time soon.

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