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    Calling privilege out: an issue both online AND offline


    Quite honestly, I've had it with people comparing this initiative, that everyone must take by the way, to ridiculous memes. Our points have been mocked and ridiculed ad nauseam, and it makes me sick! We're bringing up actual issues, such as privilege in all its forms, and instead of getting actual debates of ideas, we get people going the intellectually-lazy route, making image macros about those issues we try to shed light on.

    Which is akin to what is stated in this article, with older people completely denying this reality. Are they blinding themselves to this because it makes them uncomfortable? Just like it makes all those meme makers uncomfortable. Do these two come from a place of insecurity?

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    Check your privileges, McTroll.

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    I was going to reply until i noticed the poster's name. 1/10 for creativity

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    Real privilege is having time to write and post this garbage.

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    "Privilege" is an interesting word that can be easily dissected and applied based on perspective.
    Privilege goes hand in hand with cuck, as in you know you're in for a dose of complete absurdity from whoever types it.
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    There's no way this doesn't turn into a race or gender debate

    Closing. Don't make bait threads

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