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    Good for solo play?

    I played this game a little bit at launch, but not since and was wondering if it's good for solo play (since I know no one who plays the game). Also, what are the best solo classes? Are there ones that excel above others? I'll pretty much be starting from scratch if I do decide to play.

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    For solo play everything is good. It doesn't really matter. But there are some classes/builds which are more survivable: Ranger (pet tanks and takes your aggro), Necromancer or "minionmancer" (unkillable in open world), Warrior is also pretty safe option. You might have a bit harder times with Elementalist and Thief (with exception of condi or Staff Thief).
    I would say Warrior, Ranger and Necromancer, if you prefer more relaxing playstyle, you can make way more mistakes with these 3 classes. In my hands i have a lot of fun with condition Mesmer and Guardian.

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    Mesmer is good if you want to go full glass but still be survivable. Glass means full dps but squishy.

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    Absolutely playable solo. Heart of Thorn wasn't so much, but Path of Fire is definitely soloable. It's basically what HoT should've been.

    Seriously, the game is much better today than it was two years ago.
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    I play most of my content solo, and I'm one of the "glassiest" (?) classes (Thief), so yes, you can play the game solo! But don't forget to make a friend or two

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    Ive yet to group with anyone. Im trying to get a friend to play, but HoT made him hate GW2, so I think ill be solo for a while.

    Unless anyone here has a guild I could join?!

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    Guardians have good armor but less health, but good heals.
    Warriors have high armor, high health, also very easy to use.
    Necromancers wear cloth, but have high health and a second health bar. Minion masters are great for surivability and tagging everything on the field for events.

    Rangers have pet, pretty easy.
    Thieves are dodgey but usually pretty easy.
    Revenants are odd, none of their abilities really make a lot of sense to me.

    Mesmers rely on illusions which are target based, so swapping can be irritating. I love 'em, but they're more work for even simple fights.
    Elementalists are high damage, relying on swapping elements and combo fields and stuff, but they have a lot more area stuff. Both Mesmer and Elementalists are low armor, low health, try not get hit because you're going to die.
    Engineers depend on kits for the most part, so gameplay can vary a bit, but I don't think they're particularly survivable compared to other leather wearers. Turrets are useful for tagging a lot of events if that helps, but meh. Flamethrower IS a lot of fun though and Holosmith looks much better than Scrapper for usefulness, IMO.
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    Solo as you dont want to do stuff with other players or you dont have a partner to play with?

    You don't need to actually be in a group with others to play with other people in the game. Everything is pug friendly, in that you dont even have to formally group with others for you to help them/for them to help you. Dont even need to speak to them as in the gw2 community people will tend help you if they see you doing an event or downed.

    All classes can survive out in the wild on their own no matter your skill level if you cater your build to your needs.

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    It's very solo friendly, you don't have to get in a group in the open world... you still participate when you attack. That's especially beautiful because people just help you when in trouble, most of the time.

    I prefer Mesmer for soloplay, the ranged Greatsword does more damage at long range and you can summon phantasms and clones to aggro the mobs.

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    For me : best class for solo are Thief (Stealth, massive DPS) & Weaver/elementalist (Celestial, can heal/DPS/Condi/tank, so versatile !)

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    I play most of the time solo, and I have a lot of fun. If you want, you can always use the LFG tools if you need a group.

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    When I am sad or happy, or either in any mood I mostly like to play alone to make myself feel good.

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    I can easily wreck anything solo as a reaper and barely take damage. I like reaper because it makes greatsword gameplay more fun than warrior or guardian with more abilities with the shroud mechanic IMO.

    Staff daredevil is just as good in that regard IMO.
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    Heart of Thorn mobs are more challenging to solo and tend to hit more harder than anything else in the game. Core is too easy and PoF is much more balanced for solo play. I solo on Revenant's Renegade spec but im also using 4 shaman stats slots and 2 Marshals

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