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    [H] 929 HPal LF a mythic guild in Illidan

    I was a 13M HFC + 7M EN + 8M NH Mistweaver in CN. I now leave China to US for studying.
    This is my new account in US (lvl 110 at 16th Sep) and I play holy paladin now(not MW). I need find an Illidan guild to progress mythic.
    BTW, I make addons (https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/25...ookingforgroup) and I use my own special raid frame addon for healing.

    Thank you.

    Spec: Holy
    Class: Paladin
    BattleTag: bkwctk#1521
    Item Level: 929 (930)
    Current Progression: 9/9 H (Got my aotc achievement in 30th Sep in a pug)
    Aritfact Level: 65
    Character Name: Cqwrteur-Illidan
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    Homie this is a shot in the dark and we're brand new, however a dream-team construction is in the works and if you wanna create something great from scratch we can really use you! [Wed Thurs Sun Mon 4-8 PST] are gonna be our raid times. We're serious about becoming the best of the best and need good players with steel instincts to get past those mechanics. If you wanna be part of something new and cool feel free to pst me! Also if you're skeptical I have good reasons for being the state I'm in, been held back by my last guild because they'd rather carry legacy member than let people raid with them based on merit. Thanks if you read this and I hope to hear from you!

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