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    Why would you reroll a loot box?

    What's the point of rerolling a loot box for 250 gold? Isn't the gold better saved up to buy heroes instead of rerolling for random junk?

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    Random junk could be a Legendary skin/mount I want.

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    Because I can reroll a box of blues and greys into leggos and epics, which I have done, and was happier for it.
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    I only reroll on very few loot boxes. If I have a decent amount of gold saved and nothing special at all in the initial open, I’ll do it on occassion. I don’t inow that I’ve ever done a 2nd roll though. Its payed off a couple times wth new characters or skin I didn’t have.

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    There isn't really a whole lot to spend gold on. Maybe I just have a lot from when the brawl was 1000 gold. I reroll any loot box that has the minimum level of goods in it - all commons for a normal loot box, only one rare in a rare, ect. Usually get something better the second time. I think I've only rerolled twice once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prokne View Post
    There isn't really a whole lot to spend gold on.
    OK well I'm new to the game and gold does seem to be a hard to gain resource at the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sentynel View Post
    Random junk could be a Legendary skin/mount I want.
    Most of the legendary stuff I see is the same as normal stuff but in a slightly different hue with the word legendary next to it.

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    The lost 250 gold can be regained from daily quests or leveling heroes.

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    Only missing all but the newest heroes. That 2.0 promotion that gave you a craploads of Assassin or Support or Tank or Balanced assortment pretty much for free got me covered.

    I usually reroll 2 times, max.

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    When you are new and have low amount of heroes, saving gold to buy more is usually better. But at some point you have all heroes so you dont need gold for them anymore.
    I personally lack only 4 heroes, Ana and 3 others im not even interested in playing so i reroll when i get sucky box. I will buy Ana when the price drops to normal 10k and still have gold ready for 2 more heroes.

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    Most of my gold goes towards rerolling. Mostly until I get something I want, or something valuable in terms of rarity. Esp. the 250-500 Rerolls are pretty cheap so I don't mind them at all.
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    I have plenty of gold and plenty of heroes. If i want the next new hero i have plenty of time to save up a bit but otherwise i reroll if inthink i can do better on a lootbox.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twoddle View Post

    Most of the legendary stuff I see is the same as normal stuff but in a slightly different hue with the word legendary next to it.
    Hyperbole of great magnitude, if i've ever seen it.

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    To get a 1600 shards skins/mounts-

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    It's a gold sink for veteran players who own every hero. There's nothing else you can use gold for except buying new heroes, and people who have been playing for a long time have enough gold saved up to buy every new hero they want bang on release day and still have tons left over.
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    yea for like the last few months of beta your progress counted to your account so some of us have been playing for what? 2 years now? More? combine that with the 2.0 promotion and ppl like me have all but 5 heros, (and mostly those ones i just dont like enough to buy)

    There are other players though who might not like many heroes.

    However once you have most of the heroes you like i'd consider start doing it for at least lootboxes that give all commons.

    I ALWAYS do that even if i'm saving my gold for the next hero. Another thing is the fact that it scales. So while i might reroll a lot o rarely reroll an individual lootbox more than once. I would only do 2 or 3 times (the max) during suns out guns out and was desperate for anything good
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    I reroll all my crappy loot boxes once I have 15k gold saved up, which I almost always do thanks to running continuous stim packs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twoddle View Post

    Most of the legendary stuff I see is the same as normal stuff but in a slightly different hue with the word legendary next to it.
    That is...not true for most. Legendaries are not different hues, they are different appearances, typically with altered spell effects and voiceovers, and sometimes with special mounts too. Do you really think Infested Tychus is just a "different hue" of regular Tychus? Does Mecha-Tassadar just look like a different color of Tassadar to you? Now there are a few that I don't think earn the legendary status(Templar Li Ming should really just be epic) but most are quite a bit different from the standard.

    As for the original question, why do I need to save up to buy heroes? I already have every hero but Lost Vikings and Ana. And new Heroes are 15k, 10k if you're willing to wait 2 weeks. Then there will be 3 weeks before the next hero comes out. So if you buy a new hero on release day, level them to 5 for the 500g, do the daily quest every day, add in gold from wins, and it's not hard to stay ahead of the gold needed to get new heroes, even assuming you WANT a new hero bad enough to pay 15k for them(which is not always true for me, I waited till Garrosh was 10k, I have no plans to buy Ana at all, I doubt I'll pay 15k for Junkrat too) rerolling a loot box(which I really only do if I get all commons, or get a rare I don't care about and 3 commons) is pretty much all there is left to spend gold on. At least that way I could get a skin or mount I like(or shards I can use to buy skins or mounts I like), and heck, I could even potentially get the heroes I haven't bought yet anyway. Right now I've got enough gold to get the next 2 heroes on release day if I want them, and still have gold to spare so...why NOT reroll them?

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    Personally, I have every hero but TLV, whom I don't even want to play, and am able to get enough gold for new heroes reliably, even if I reroll most of the boxes I get. Why would I not, then? The only reason I can think of is a new 20k gold mount, but then again, I don't even use the previous ones, even though I have some of them.
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    Rerolling a loot box that only contain voice lines and the next one being a mount or skin is a lot better.

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    First rerolls are 250 gold. In terms of heroes, 1 hero is enough to do first rerolls on loot crates 40 times.

    Last time blizz published it, you get 1 legendary, on average, 17.5 times. So, spending enough gold on loot crates to buy 1 hero will, on average, net you 2 legendaries. Also, average of 9 epics, and 40 rares.
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    If I get all commons, for example, I reroll, every time I did, it was very much well worth it.

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