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    Alliance 1/9 Mythic H Pally looking for mythic raiding guild

    I am currently 1/9 mythic in ToS and I'm looking to join a mythic guild group that raids 2-3 nights a week. I have one alliance toon that's my main 938 H pally
    the rest are horde ...930 vengeance demon hunter ......925 resto shaman.......925 frost mage.....910 unholy DK

    my Btag is Everlasting#1774

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    Hey Everlasting,

    I'll keep this short.

    <Guiles Theme Song> is a Horde Mal'Ganis semi-hardcore guild formed during Cataclysm by former top US 50 players.
    We are currently recruiting for core spots to fill our roster and finish out Cutting Edge ToS heading into Antorus.

    We are currently 6/9M ToS and raid 2 nights a week:
    Tuesday: 7:45PM EST - 11:00PM EST
    Thursday: 7:45PM EST - 11:00PM EST

    I added you on B.net as Rec#11240 and look forward to hearing back from you!

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