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    I would prefer converted Warden hybrid that threw glaives and fel magic instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenstalons View Post
    With the current theme of light and shadow, I think it would be awesome to have an Archangel build. Think of Retribution Paladin crossed with a Discipline Priest.
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    A searing light DH would now make sense after Antorus, since Illidan has left the DH ranks headless. Maybe some Naaru would fill that spot and the light could give a new sense of purpose to DHs who would seek more power. Makes more sense if you think of the cleansed Natherzim dude and the fact that Illidan was almost infused with the Light previously, before killing that Naaru. Holy light DH makes even more sense since in certain cases we have seen beings infused both with light and fel. And the Inquisitor name, mentioned in previous posts fits this role, since heh, we have seen many human torturers that master the light, in the Scarlet Crusade ranks. So why not half-demon half-elf powerdrunk beings, that sacrifise anyting in the name of power?

    Quote Originally Posted by elfporn View Post
    There was already a thread about this recently. It centered on a third DH spec and the possibility of it being a Void Hunter archetype, based on the class center piece of "Fight fire with fire." As well as the direction that the bad guys are starting to lean towards - the Shadow Lords and Old Gods are finally coming to the fore. Also, Alleria and her training as a Void Hunter is a huge bit of foreshadowing on blizzard's part.
    Nah makes no sense, you already got a faction for that. Since all DHs do is to protect at all costs, they should get burned by the light that is the natural foe of the void, and not use the void.

    Sounds too much, mixing the void with fel.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeds Dead View Post
    I would prefer converted Warden hybrid that threw glaives and fel magic instead.
    Warden seems more like a Rogue spec, honestly they could get rid of the Outlaw Pirate Rogue stuff and make it a Warden spec and possibly a tank spec.

    I don't think Demon Hunter needs a 3rd spec at all and I am pretty sure Blizzard won't make a 3rd spec.

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    Since they mostly butchered the old way of Fistweaving for Monks (run in, punch stuff, heal people), could give DHs some sort of melee healer spec. Not saying they should but I'd find it interesting.

    Based on some sort of leech fantasy. Gul'dan in the Warcraft movie is seen using Fel to rip out the soul of a deer to bring life to Thrall as an infant (I'm sure there are other examples from the canon, that's just what came to my mind first). So, Fel has the possibility to live up to the idea.

    Basically, run in, beat sh*t up, drain their souls with Fel-emblazoned fists (punch the lifeforce out of them), fist weapons, glaives, spells, etc and heal your allies while at it.

    AoE heal being the DH channeling for a couple of seconds with the spell healing more for each enemy affected by the Soul Drain aspect of the spell.

    If no enemies nearby, the DH can still channel it but will sacrifice a portion of their own health to heal their allies (entire fantasy being drain life to sustain life, from enemies or self). Such as during downtime between fights, the aftermath of a PvP battle in a BG, etc. Talent to remove the health cost and whatnot.

    Could have some passive ability that enables them to heal the closest allies for X% of damage done by attacks/spells.

    It's possible and the fantasy is there to a degree but it'd require a bunch of work. And although as much as I love to heal and would definitely love to try out a spec similar to that, I doubt it'll happen, lol.

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    Redo the old Demo Warlock that transformed into a demon and call it a day. I'd be on a DH in a heartbeat to have those abilities back again.

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    Those trying to rationalize a healing spec for DH, it's not happening. DH style just isn't about healing allies, it's about getting out there and slaying. They have a better chance of turning a Rogue spec into a healing spec than they do of giving DH a heal spec.

    The best you can hope for is a ranged DPS spec which is very possible. DHs already have tons of ranged abilities (Fel Barrage, Eyebeam, Glaive Throw, Sigils, etc) as well as tons of other possible demonic ranged abilities they can steal from demons and turn into their own to build a ranged DPS spec around.

    If they do get a 3rd spec (which I wouldn't hold my breath on), then I suspect the biggest possibility would be ranged DPS spec. This is also because the game currently has way more melee specs than ranged which caused an imbalance of melee to ranged ratio.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamwardicus View Post
    Redo the old Demo Warlock that transformed into a demon and call it a day. I'd be on a DH in a heartbeat to have those abilities back again.
    This is actually a VERY real possibility if they go with ranged DH spec. Especially since they confirmed in Blizzcon that they do plan on keeping the Demo Warlock as a PET THEMED spec. They have no intention of giving them Meta again. This ~could~ be because they are saving that spec as a possible 3rd DH spec. Fingers crossed.
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