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    Gem and Gold spending strategy

    Firstly I'm not interested in mounts or skins, I just started the game and my long term plan is simply to acquire all the heroes as soon as possible without spending any real money.

    I noticed that some heroes are reduced by 50% in gem cost but not gold. Do these offers rotate similar to the F2P rotation? Presumably I should buy the legendary heroes with gems whenever they are on offer because 375 gems for something worth 10K gold seems a good deal.

    I also bought the epic hero Anub'arak for 250 gems worth 4K but is the rare hero for 150 gems worth it since gems are much harder to come by than gold? The rare hero is 150 gems for 2K golds worth which is not as good value.

    What about Stimpacks? Should I be buying these in bulk to have one constantly active?


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    Have a look at heroes on sale (-50% gem cost) but don't pay much attention to the rare/epic/legendary tags. They basically just denote when a hero was released, not their power strength. Example: some of the top-tier heroes currently are the older ones like Arthas, Stitches, Uther etc.

    Your best "strategy" is to find heroes you really like playing through either the weekly free rotation or the Try Mode in the shop, and save up for them in particular. As time goes on you will expand your collection, but do note that at beginner levels of play there are no "bad" heroes. The tier lists mostly come into effect for ranked play with co-ordinated teams, but every single hero can (and does) perform functionally well at an entry stage so long as you figure out how to play them well. Even the cheap ones.
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    In terms of Gems, save it when you see a hero you want on sale.

    For gold, buy 2k heroes (Most of them are pretty good in the meta atm), then work your way on up.

    Note that you can get heroes through loot boxes as well.
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