Hi! Im Dertysal. I am a 933 Resto shaman looking for a daytime raiding guild. Ive been playing WoW off and on for about 10 years. I've returned to the game after a break and I am looking to get back into mythic raiding. I have mythic experience from WoD, Mists, and herioc experience in Cata and Wrath. I am currently 9/9 H ToS.

I am available to raid between 2-6 PM EST on any days.

I am currently on Aegwynn US but I am willing to server transfer and/or faction change to any server or faction

I prefer the guild be a mythic oriented guild not necessarily progressed but determined to try mythic raiding content.

I would like to raid on my shaman but i am open to playing other characters to fit the right guilds needs. I also have a 935 MW monk. I am foremost a healer and i have by far the most experience with that.

If you have any questions or want my logs or armory my contact info is Dertysal#1390