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    Why are 'Rick and Morty' fans so insufferable?

    Who has convinced them of their superior intellect? I rarely see this type of obnoxious and vain sense of self-worth beyond those with PhD's in the University setting. Statistically speaking the likelihood that of the people that claim to watch, enjoy, and call themselves fans of the show are probably NOT above average intelligence, and in actuality are probably quite basic, and have probably accomplished little more than 'average' either. What a waste of such brilliant minds.

    I myself have been mildly curious of the show's contents, but can't bring myself to watch it. There is just something about a fan base that is totally convinced of their own superiority that is really off-putting. Now personally I think that is really ridiculous reason to deny oneself a potential enjoyment based on who does or doesn't like something. However, I feel that if I did enjoy the show I would have to do so in secret as I couldn't talk about it with anyone, unless I was prepared to endure the conceit or arrogance that comes with enjoying the show.


    It's this kind of behavior that projects an image of fandom—both of Rick and Morty and in general—as an exclusionary (and often overwhelmingly male) communal exercise that prioritizes snobbery and pretentiousness over genuine appreciation.

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    Well, the show itself is pretty insufferable. But from a realistic standpoint, what you quoted characterizes essentially any fan base.

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    why do we need 2 threads about rick and morty on the front page of off topic
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    I enjoy the show but i also had realistic expectations for the sauce lines and turnouts.

    Posters response though seems to be the kettle calling the pot black, just based on the prose and tone of his post.

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    As with most dumbass memes like this, the people complaining about the group are usually more of a nuisance than the group itself.

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    It has its moments.

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    Could make the same argument about GoT fans. Or Marvel and DC fans.

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    This is not a discussion topic, this is a way to passive aggressively insult people who like things you don't like.

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