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    Hardest bosses I have killed when they were relevant (like world top 100 speed) have been Twins in Sunwell, M'uru in Sunwell and Sha of Fear 10man in Terrace.
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    For me personally KT (Tempest Keep), I did not do any serious high-end cutting edge content after though.

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    ToS Kil'jaeden > HFC Archimonde > FL Ragnaros. Those are factually the 3 hardest bosses in WoW, the rest is just opinions.

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    Hardest boss my long-extinct guild faced was Vaelastrasz. But this way back in the day, and we sucked.

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    Fun fact for you, but most classes, besides warrior tanks, could actually parse better numbers in blues and dungeon gear due to how shitty T1 & T2 were. No hit, mostly white stats, and his statement is actually fairly true. Rogues, locks, mages, and fury warriors could get a far better set of gear with 80% dungeon gear going into AQ, the biggest exception being weapons, and BWL trinkets, and the occasional piece of decent tier gear, like T2 rogue chest.
    You talking about DPS. Its fun statement because that guy assumed tanks and heals in blue gear would kill C'Thun...

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    Mythic KJ, by far.
    Yea RNG king of raiding...

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    Heroic Ragnaros and Mythic Siegemaster have racked up quite a few repair bills

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    Also I forgot to say my opinion from experience hmm I'd say Mythic KJ or Mythic Archimonder. Spine of Deathwing 25hc comes after them in my opinion.

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    There is fair hard, and there is unfair hard.
    C'thun was the latter.
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    Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios.
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    T'is good to see there are still people valiantly putting the "Ass" in assumption.

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    personally i like the idea of an "unkillable" boss put in each expansion and just left by itself (not necessarily an end raid boss, but just a single ultra hard boss), i think that would make WoW a lot more interesting, even if 0 or a handful of guilds manage to down him

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    Define "ultra hard".

    Do you mean so mechanically difficult that it requires absolutely perfect execution to kill, with one false step leading to near-instant raid wipes?
    Or do you mean a boss tuned to be numerically impossible to kill except in perfectly itemized end-game gear with above average RNG on crits/dodges/procs/etc?

    There's a big difference between the two, and overtuning will always override mechanical difficulty because of its binary nature. See M KJ and C'thun pre-nerfs. i.e. Can you beat the stat check? No? Then don't bother trying.

    ComputerNerd puts it nicely:
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    There is fair hard, and there is unfair hard.
    C'thun was the latter.

    OT: Mythic Siegecrafter was by far the hardest boss I've ever faced, with ridiculously intense mechanical and positional requirements. However, I don't have experience with many of the other bosses listed, so this is just my personal opinion. I don't think overtuning should be construed as "Hard", the way to beat a boss should be to figure out and master the puzzle, not to brute force the pieces together until you win.
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    Shadow Priests have been retuned to be almost as good as Warlocks in every way. Almost.

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    I would say Heroic FL Rag, Heroic LK with no buffs, and Yogg 0 lights (with only Ulduar gear) are the hardest I experienced.

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    As everyone else said "Pre-Thun". He was crushing hardcore raids for weeks until someone submitted math to Blizz proving he was LITERALLY impossible to beat. So they nerfed him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComputerNerd View Post
    There is fair hard, and there is unfair hard.
    C'thun was the latter.
    Players fault though.
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    the problem is not in the game, the problem is within you. Your standards are too high.
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    LFR-players of today are capable of going to Classic and beat the final raids
    Complete delusion...

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    The people calling Naxx40 4-horseman the most difficult fight, what kind of strategy did you guys use? Because strategy wise once we got set up it was just the same shit over and over again and was quite simple. Admittedly I only played a resto druid back then, but I would just follow my group around the room keeping everyone topped, watching out for the each new mechanic in each corner and go to the safe spot if my marks hadn't fallen off quite yet or when they cast the shield wall. Repeat, hoping tanks don't mess up the taunt swaps or a corner doesn't mess up the meteor or stacked too close for the chain lightning. Lag would kill a few on the void zones as they would 2 or 3-shot you but we'd have enough brezes to cover them usually. The healing was a little intense but not to the point where I'd call it the hardest fight ever.

    And the people saying C'thun pre-fix was killable obviously never even attempted him. P1 was tough but doable, and quite often we got to P2 with most of the raid up. But P2 the damage required to kill the tentacles before the next set came was always too much, and that's if none spawned in the stomach like they would sometimes do. Ion actually did the math on it and showed it was impossible on the WoW forums when he was still in EJ before he got hired by Blizz.

    Hardest boss I've killed is Archimonde Mythic, and that was even with a full raid with maxed rings unlike the top guilds, but I missed out on many of the very hard ones between then and now so I can't say for sure. Just starting M-KJ progression now, but with the NLC and nerfs out, its not the same fight Method beat, but it definitely seems a step above even Arch.

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    set up is part of the difficulty tho- i.e getting higher gs

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneDayYouMay View Post
    set up is part of the difficulty tho- i.e getting higher gs
    I think some people would have a different opinion. Farming the proper gear, whether resistance gear from back in the day or farming for BIS legiondaries/perfect TF procs in the current expansion, is not "difficult" in my opinion, it's just time consuming.

    Yogg 0 lights is easy now, and was also much easier when you could start using TOC gear back in WOTLK. However, it was very difficult when Ulduar was the current raid. That being said, getting close to BIS gear back then was not THAT hard, especially by comparison. If your raid cleared Ulduar each week, you would have a raid geared enough to defeat the fight in a few weeks. It was the execution that was difficult. In Legion, simply clearing the current raid at the hardest difficulty is insufficient. In NH, for example, you were at a roadblock if your raid didn't collectively gain enough AP OUTSIDE OF RAIDING TIME to have the necessary HP to get through some fights. Getting that AP (or BIS legiondaries... or perfect TF procs) is in no way, shape, or form difficult. It's an artificial time block to pump up the "hours played" metric and give people who no life the game a tangible advantage they didn't have through much of the history of WOW. Now, the people who invest that time unsurprisingly want to believe that the game is "hard", and that less people than ever clear the hardest content because of it. The reality is that high level raiding is not any harder now than it ever was, it's easier... it's just that few people can overcome the necessary time investment outside of actual raiding required before you even face whichever boss you're currently trying to kill.

    No single instance speaks more to this change in the paradigm of high end raiding than the guild who realized that the best way to beat a difficult boss they were struggling with in TOV was to go farm more AP/Traits. Frankly, I don't think it's a very healthy high end raiding environment the way Blizzard handled Mythic for Legion.

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    Naxx40 back in Vanilla was a guild killer, <insert any boss>.

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