More about the upcoming trade war failure:

1) Huawei is going to sue the US government directly over restrictions by the FCC for being a National Security risk. They claim the distinction is arbitrary and baseless, to which the White House responded "Well, yeah...Trump."

"Well, are they a security risk or not?"

Personally, I think they are. Problem is, if Trump contests this in court, China will take it personally and the trade talks will suffer because of it. Most Presidents wouldn't be in a position where doing the right thing breaks their campaign promises, but, here we are.

2) Tariffs are due to rise, making the biggest tax increase on Americans in history another $160 billion biglier in ten days. While there are some talks scheduled, China is now asking for tariffs to be reduced/removed before the talks, even before this so-called "Phase 1" whose details we don't even know yet are signed. Considering China has suggested this multiple times before and Trump has refused multiple times before, I don't see why this time will be any different, unless Trump just flat-out caves...which to be fair, I don't see happening this year. He might surrender next year and try to disguise it as a victory, but not yet.

And now, a former World Bank President:

Robert Zoellick, a former World Bank president who has served in past Republican administrations, has delivered a public rebuke of Donald Trump’s China policy, warning the president risks pushing Beijing towards a parallel system that would clash with US interests.

Speaking to the US-China Business Council in Washington on Wednesday, Mr Zoellick lamented the White House’s “logic of constant confrontation” with China, calling it ineffective and based on faulty reasoning.

“I understand many of today’s complaints, but we are at serious risk of losing sight of American aims and how best to achieve them,” Mr Zoellick said.

Mr Zoellick said the challenges of US-China relations “fit poorly with bombast and tariff barrages”.

“The speeches of administration principals herald rivalry, but with no sense that the United States can shape China’s international behaviour — whether through diplomacy, negotiation, competition, building coalitions to pressure Beijing or deterrence,” he said.
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Will articles of impeachment get sent to the Senate before the end of the calendar year? Unlikely since Congress adjourns on the 13th correct?
Well it's more than that. There's no signed budget yet, either. And since the most recent news on the subject was two weeks ago, I'm not convinced a lot of headway is being made. It's certainly not public, which is what good news would be.

The deadline is the 20th.