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    I love love love GW2 but classes don't keep me entertained. And I don't like to be stuck at level 80 forever. I want some kind of treadmill. I loved GW1 because you could farm gear or skills and that's missing in GW2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrugal View Post
    Storytelling: I think we can all agree that the personal story in classic GW2 is just bad, very very bad. The LW storytelling is much better, but I still have to cringe every few minutes.
    I don't agree. I enjoyed the personal story. LW (season 1) was horrendously awful and, frankly, one of the main reasons I quit the game. I wanted an expansion. Knowing content going forward was going to be more LW I completely lost interest in continuing to play (I already had 100% map completion and an alt of every class). I finished Battle for Lion's Arch and haven't touched the game since.
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    At this point it's the fact that I have been gone so long I have no flippin idea what's going on.

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    The fact that every time I install and log in, there's like 1k items on my bags that I do not know where they came from and what are they used for. Too overwhelming when you are just coming back into game. And I'm not talking about gear or crafting materials, its the items the game gives you after login or crap like that? not even sure. They have arrows on them.
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    I dislike the art style and I think the class design is 'cheap' somehow. But mainly the art style.

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    It's going to seem pretty lame, but I can't get used to the difficulty curve from other MMO's. I've been a WoW player since the middle of vanilla and switching to GW2 when it came out was pretty interesting but none of the classes really held my attention. I came back in HoT and holy jeez things were nearly one shotting me despite getting out of the way of attacks. Same thing in PoF but at a much lesser scale.

    It took me until now to find Mirage where I can actually survive things in melee without being one shot by a bullshit mob mechanic.

    Basically, I'd come back if some of the mobs got tuned down just a little bit. I know that's probably an unpopular opinion but there it is.

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    World of Warcraft

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotus Victoria View Post
    Greetings champions, good to see you, as always.

    This is a question for those who do not play Guild Wars 2 - either people that have already played it, or those who didn't try the game yet and lack something to try it.

    What's preventing you from coming back or playing this game?
    It actually being a decent MMO. It's a pretty "game" but it lacks impact and meaningful progression for me.

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    Lack of roles, gear progression feels very lacking. The combat despite being considered something special is super floaty and the ability combos rarely feel impactful, the cleave attacks feel like you are brushing enemies with a fantasy rolled up newspaper.

    The public quests or whatever they are called also feel massively wank when you spend ages going through multiple stages only for it to reset in front of your eyes to really highlight the fact it's an illusion and what you are doing doesn't really matter. It's like those little stations you could use as a scientist(i think) in Wildstar, except for instead of a little terminal its a whole area that's integral to the game.

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    Dev's in general, and Anet's overall company policy towards casual playerbase [will write in detail]

    Out of all multiplayer games that i've played, when it comes to communication with it's playerbase, this one is the worst.
    Balance patches are "kinder-surprise", even though community 'll state that a certain class is insanely UP or OP, the balancing team 'll do something fifth, and usually make the class even worse, or even more broken than it originally has been.

    There's no community-"open" beta testing for future patches/game progression, it's just one major load of dump after another.

    While i personally enjoy that there's no item progression in a sense "lets finish this raid wing, and when we start next one loot'll have 5+ more stats or w/e", the end-game progression itself, is just way too slow.
    You tend to wait for 8+ months, for a "single raid wing with 3-4 bosses" to be implemented within the game.

    PvP is garbage, - i honestly wish they had ranked arenas like WoW does, or even battlegrounds, because WvW is a joke, and what they consider to be PvP aka, capping points/rotating, on maps that pre-date _infinity itself_ is insane.

    The community's to blame as well, it's filled of passive aggressive retards, that're whiteknighting anet almost every single time.
    It's 2018, and majority of the community [about 90% - check efficiency stats for legendary insights] still hasn't killed VG, [1st boss, of W1, there're 6 wings now, in span of 3 years]

    Even their forums are trash, it's so insanely stupid that in order to be "heard and ignored"you actually have to write on gw2 reddit section, god forbid that you do it on their official site, for the automods/mods themselves 'll delete the post for w/e reason comes to their mind.
    Thus freedom of speech is not existant there.

    I'm a raidrat - it's the content that i enjoy, been that in WoW, it's been here as well.
    The lack of content for veteran players is disgusting.

    Combat itself is great, open world is beautiful to explore, mounts are a great addition to the game,
    However, every single thing that they've ever made, they usually gave up on it.
    I strongly believe raids were supposed to be the "Heart of thorns"thing, and then be left with, however people took liking to it way too much, at least the vocal one.
    So now we're left disatisfied with severe lack of content.

    - All in all, lack of content here, game's addictive, it's repetative, however, there just aint point playing the game in which almost nothing changes.

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    Been thinking about coming back, but I've heard that it's a long progression farm/grind to get ready for raids (proper raiding guild etc). Not sure how true that is after reading this thread though.

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    because of the b/s "LOL YOU MISSED STORY SO SCREW YOU" system, the horrible dungeons due to a lack of trinity. And the holier-than-thou playerbase who loves to shout that nothing is as good as Microtransaction Heave.. erm I mean Guild Wars 2

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    I have two legendaries in the game. Before the 1st expansion came out I was doing fractal scale 50 with my eyes closed. I originally quit because I just found myself spending money on gems just to do RNG shit like the candy corn shit to get the special aura glows. I never really PLAYED the game anymore. They never released new dungeons and a lot of the shit that I originally liked about it was never touched up on. What I originally expected to get and what I had sank time into quickly became something else entirely and nothing they have released so far has changed my mind about it.

    I had A LOT of fun with this game at first but it quickly changed (or rather stayed the same for too long without providing the content that originally hooked me)

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    AS soon as im bored with wow, ill start playing gw2 again

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    I get more story from FFXIV in the way i like, nobody i know plays GW2 at all so its solo only which is pretty dull and while they looked neat the mesmer and elementalist were really really boring to play as. i dont see any of that changing and while i got to 80 and did everything till the scarlet briar cringefest it just isnt very interesting or engaging as a mmo to me, i keep looking for changes but nothing interests me enough yet. Neckbeard rambling about this weeaboo trash

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    I played gw2 for about 2 years from launch till a couple of months after heart of thorns. In truth it was the last game I can say I had any real hype for but I have had 0 interest in returning.

    I'm not sure exactly why, I think when I quit I felt they were trying to change the game more into wow (introducing raids) and although much earlier breaking the promise of no gear grind by adding purples. Updates to the game felt very slow and when they came insignificant. And I wasn't a huge fan of the heart of thorns expansion in general, the zones were just annoying to navigate and there was so much grind with the alternate progression. Also despite really liking the game at launch, probably on the same level as vanilla wow when it was new, the setting of guildwars has never hooked me whatsoever so there is no nostalgia in that sense.

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    Installing it again hahaha and i wasnt able to find a guild

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    Too overwhelmed with all the stuff I missed out on. I feel like I wouldn't know what is going on and therefore wouldn't care enough to play.

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    What's keeping me from coming back?

    Privacy aspect of the game that allows undesirables (my ex) to stalk my account and ArenaNet refusing to do anything about it. Just telling me "You can play offline mode".

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    I don't know if I have commented on this thread before... but the reason I didn't play Guild Wars 2 was because i was part of the QA team working on it. I spent a year working through various quest zones, stories and characters.

    Kind of a rule of mine, I don't tend to play the games I work on... which means I have missed out on a handful of really good games.

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