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    Time. I honestly think about this game from time to time and wanting to give it another go because I liked what I played years ago but I just don't have time. When I was younger I had so much more time to just dick around but the older I get the more responsibilities I have and the less time I have to play lol.

    And the little free time I do have is allocated to other games and things outside of that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PACOX View Post
    Point is GW2s system might be deeper than you think it is. Maybe not. Could be its just not for you.
    I do miss the rhythm of some caster classes from WoW/ SWTOR, GW2 is nearly always a bit too hectic. That said, for melee stuff GW2 wins hands down IMO for feel. I do wish we had a GW2 based Star Wars MMO, since lightsabers would fit right into the system and the limited powers would lend itself well also, plus guns.
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    The crafting and gearing system are pretty difficult to get into without some kind of guide. It's also not the easiest game in the world to solo with regard to end content. If it weren't for those factors I would absolutely play again.

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    The combat just feels off, i feel like its just a giant aoe orgy and i cant enter a single fight without getting downed wondering wtf just hit me, call me a noob, i dun really care, maybe if they overhauled the combat and made it a little more interesting then it would be better.

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    I played it at release and it was ok for a month or so but it got dull fast. I didn't like the lack of the trinity design for PVE content either. Game felt a bit like every man for himself which doesn't really mesh well with community cooperation to achieve objectives in a MMO for me.

    The combat was ok in small scale situations but after that everyone was just an AoE fest of nonsense.

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    I generally have a lul where I stop playing and return to level a new character to max then simply stop.

    I think the issue for me is goals mostly. At 80 I have no idea what I want to do, google the issue and I'm faced with content that at least seems far out of my reach time wise or I'm simply not interested in it. Also the fact that I've leveled 4-7 characters to max over the years probably also burns me out in terms of interest.

    Here is to hoping that they make a new class with Dervish or Ritualist flavor. I'd be all over those.

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    Nobody to erotic roleplay with.

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    flying the exodar...into the sun.
    level scaling. i hate level scaling.
    r.i.p. alleria. 1997-2017. blizzard ruined alleria forever. blizz assassinated alleria's character and appearance.
    i will never forgive you for this blizzard.

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    I think i have attempted GW2 3-4 times over its life, never spent more than a weekend in it. Just did not like the game, felt empty and soulless to me. And i played GW1 for a very long time.
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    Despite GW2 incorporating some aspects i like (player character races, guardian class) we're 2 expansions in and it feels like it's just a poor spin-off to GW1.
    I've spent a lot of time in the previous game and it usually stuck with me for months at a time; especially due to the accessability.
    GW2; i only turn up once every expansion or living story episode for the story, and perhaps stick with it for a day or 2. Everything beyond a exotic gear-set feels just like a bother and the game feels empty and dead.

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    I tried to play it and I played it for a while and I did not reach cap before I stopped.
    I just find it repetitive but in dull way.

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    World of Warcraft.

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    I've been thinking about this for a while now, and I'd have to say the games performance. Despite having a very high end PC, the game always feels like I'm playing it on a potato.

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    I love the charr, the melee combat is great and I love the implementation of mounts but the lack of much to do outside grinding map currency makes it too boring for me. I also have never cared for the lack of a fully implemented trinity as I feel good dungeon/raid content requires that.
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    Other games right now. I've got 3 MMOs in rotation: SWTOR, FFXIV, and Classic WoW. I'm probably not going to play too much FFXIV after I beat the new 5.1 MSQ but I've been playing SWTOR again and it kinda makes me want to do a few class stories, so I might mess around with that a bit. Plus I still need to get to 60 in Classic as I'm level 53. Plus I've got Outer Worlds to beat and then Pokemon and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is coming out soon as well.

    I played GW2 a bit and I found that I kinda hate every class I played except the Elementalist which is weird, because I normally don't like mages in games, but switching between elements and constantly having abilties to press is exciting. I wanna get into ESO and GW2 so I can play them whenever new content comes out so I'll probably be playing GW2 early 2020 before the next wave of games comes out.

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    The controls are very different from WoW's to a point where it took me quite a while to work out. The graphics are great but a little too great for my crappy graphics card (even WoW I've been having some trouble lately), and I just have no idea where I'd start, considering even back then before the first "expansion" I had no idea what I was doing post-level cap.
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    So this is how far the Lore forum has fallen? Eesh.
    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
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    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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    This topic came to mind after reading a Reddit post about a recent Guild Wars 2 controversy. I did enjoy many aspects and played Guild Wars 2 for a good while. In retrospect, the reason I stopped playing the game (& don't play currently) is ultimately Guild Wars 2 felt shallow, exhausting and disconnected.

    Despite the inherent problems in design and piles of shoddy quality games, MMORPGs are my favorite genre of video games. MMORPGs typically offer two things I enjoy greatly in video games; persistence and customization.

    However, when playing Guild Wars 2 I did not feel my "character" was my own. I could dress the character in differing outfits, sure. But while appreciated, that alone wasn't the kind of customization I am strictly looking for in MMOs. I want character customization that reaches into the GAMEPLAY. That as an agent I am deciding to play this or that way and the choices I make matter to the gameplay experience.

    My sister once said playing Guild Wars 2 was like, "Soloing alongside NPCs." The game was a disconnected and impersonal experience despite window dressing.

    Having played many MMORPGs and working in the industry for an MMO publisher; I will also never agree so-called 'Action-Combat', flipping or rolling all around and hit-hit-dodge-hit battle design is intelligent for a genre intended to be played for long periods of time for years.

    Many successful games that use similar fast-action or "Arcade-like" orientated design are very casual play friendly, hub-based and feature a lot of so-called 'drop-in/drop-out' elements. That style is frankly not the type of MMORPG I enjoy. Such design will forever be contra to what I consider good game design in the MMORPG genre.

    Guild Wars 2 is the best game I never want to play.

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    Well I can log in today and see that the gear I obtained 4 years ago is still my BiS. That alone is enough to not feel encouraged to play.

    I know GW2 goes for the horizontal type of progression and that is completely fine but it’s just not my cup of tea.

    Had a blast the first months when playing the game though. Real good new player experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mmid View Post
    Well I can log in today and see that the gear I obtained 4 years ago is still my BiS. That alone is enough to not feel encouraged to play.

    I know GW2 goes for the horizontal type of progression and that is completely fine but it’s just not my cup of tea.

    Had a blast the first months when playing the game though. Real good new player experience.
    Sure, but can you Bond of Faith off your Skyscale? No?

    Don't get me wrong, I understand people like the gear treadmill in the same way people used to always go "DING!" when they hit a new level. For myself, I play the game because I enjoy the gameplay. I do like the goals of a new living story, but it's not enough to make me play a game I don't like playing.
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    They moved away from personal story. That for me was the number one draw to the game. Without that, I feel I'd be just wasting my time. Don't care about endgame, and their "living story" to me just looks cheap.

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