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    The lack of content and non-existent community feel , in a game that calls itself Guild Wars 2 being in a guild doesn't even matter .

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    I’ve quit twice, once 4months after launch when there seemed to be a lack of planning for end game content and a lack personal enjoyment in the PvP and the lack of inter guild combat from the original.

    I came back for HoT which enjoyed especially the new first raid tier, however the lack of a community feel and the feeling that ALL of the progression had become tied to the cash shop instead of playing the game.

    I’d possibly come back for:
    - friends playing again or a good guild to join
    - Cantha

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    I love GW2 since its launch, for me the exploration coupled with the map events and the storyline is enough to get me hooked. When I feel bored, I stop for a while then go back later. It's an amazing game for my taste, which is solo playing. I met a lot of nice people in game, so I'll eventually join a guild and do fractals and raids.
    WoW is probably better as a whole, but BfA is a pile of garbage, so I'd rather play my thief and catch up with the story and craft some armor on the way.
    Combat is... satisfying, always in solo and often in groups.

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    While I liked the aesthetics of the game I never could adjust to how combat felt. Also, no jumping....

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    When it first came out my friends and I maxed out and were excited as heck to jump into it. The endgame felt...boring. There was no real indicator on what we were really supposed to be doing and coming from an MMO like WoW where we were so used to the method and what to do it just seemed confusing. The appeal of the game drew us in and we really liked the leveling and all the new characters, but we just fell off almost immediately upon max level after running a what seemed to be dungeon. It just wasn't for us.
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    Nothing to do without paying for the expansions and the "living story" removing content and adding it behind a paywall.

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    For the two big things that drove me away were that content seeemed to devolve into log on for latest LS chapter, follow zerg till achievements were done, log out till next chapter. The other was that I like playing range and it seemed that if you were in a raid or dungeon/fractal you couldnt. It was all group up in a stack so all the buffs would hit you and spam melee abilities. If those two things havent changed then there seems to be little reason to come back.

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    Survival games have gotten their teeth in me, I am currently playing 7D2D and loving every minute of it, I also play ARK. Not a lot of room for an MMO that has no real end goal. You can literally buy the 2nd best gear from the auction house, kind of defeats the purpose of an MMO for me.

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    I haven't played in a while, so I don't know if it's gotten better, but the thing that drove me nuts was how many builds simply didn't work at end game. It felt that every build I thought was cool just wasn't part of the meta and would get shit all over.

    p/p Rogue? Hahahaha.
    GS Mesmer? Nope.
    Engineer running around with a Flamethrower and tossing down turrets? OH DEAR LORD NO!

    I hate it when a game gives me cool options but then doesn't balance the mechanics to allow me to play them, and seems uninterested in ever making the options viable.
    I also love GS Mesmer, I liked Melee Mesmer in general. I like the idea of a lot of the specs, but then I see their rotations and I instantly lose interest, I want to play a Turret engineer, but I don't want to have 10,000 abilities I have to use in a specific order in order to be viable.

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