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    I was hugely exited for GW2 before its launch and enjoyed the beta very much, but after playing the finished game and hitting the "endgame" on some chars some shortcomings revealed themselves that pretty much ruin the enjoyment for me. I still have it installed and play it from time to time (mainly when new LW chapters are released), but I wouldn't consider myself an active player at this point.

    Some of the things I don't like ...

    Non-existent progression: When I finished my full ascended set it really felt like hitting a brick wall, because from this point forward I'd only be able to acquire cosmetic and QoL rewards. That really sucks when playing an RPG where you want to progress your character. I realize that a constant gear-treadmill like WoW is not great either, but at least you always have something to work towards that's not just for looks. I think the mastery system is supposed to fix this (horizontal progression instead of vertical), but it just completely falls flat on its face in this regard!

    Dungeons being abandoned: I know there are fractals now, but for me dungeons are not just random levels that you queue for in a lobby. They need to be set in a world with stories that culminate in the dungeon, and they need to include areas that are not on the "optimal route" but give the whole place a bit of flavor. On launch the GW2 dungeons where awesome in this regard (although the actual gameplay was pretty shitty), but then they abandoned them in favor of faceless fractals. I know they have a story of their own, but I cannot relate to it whatsoever.

    Lackluster group content: As good as the combat system is for solo open-world gameplay, I really think it sucks for the most part in group settings, organized or PUGs. Maybe I never really understood it or got into it the right way, but to me it just feels very chaotic and random. There is also not nearly enough structured group content to make this my main MMO of choice. WoW releases 3 raids in the time it takes Anet to create one raid wing with 3 bosses.

    Open world zerg: The open world content mainly consists of mindless kill and collect "quests", or bosses that are zerged to death. I know the bounty system tries to make bosses a bit more interesting, but at the end of the day what you are doing is zerg the boss to death, even if you die a few times while doing it. I really loved the coordinated metas in HoTs, but it seems they won't be adding those in future expansions.

    Character models and art-style: The whole character art style is just disgusting to me at this point. I never liked the doll-like look of some races, but nowadays most characters I come across look like shiny Christmas trees more than anything else. I want to have a cohesive middle ages or steampunk setting, and I don't mind some real world references or fun outfits, but what's happening in GW2 nowadays is just to much for me.

    Storytelling: I think we can all agree that the personal story in classic GW2 is just bad, very very bad. The LW storytelling is much better, but I still have to cringe every few minutes. Not just because of the many bad and misplaced jokes, but also because some things just don't make any sense whatsoever. Some things are also just extremely disappointing, like how we killed one elder dragon with a simple airship, another (the elder dragon of minds!!) in his mind after a completely bullshit turn of events, a god of war in a 1v1 fight, or the "unkillable" Palawa Joko by just letting Aurene eat him. Those are just extremely boring endings to foes that should be muuuuch stronger than our player character (imo). I do like most of the character building and progression in LW however, that's the main thing that keeps me playing them.

    Minor things: Not updating old zones, no variation in ground-ability tells so the entire floor is just covered in red/white/orange circles, outdated graphics engine (even WoW updates it every other expansion), WvW battles being far to ephemeral and having no real consequences, lackluster class rotations, buffs/debuffs being pretty hard to read in combat (for me at least), loading screens in between zones, bugs or exploits often not being patched for weeks or even month, every new open-world map being just another grind.
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    I love love love GW2 but classes don't keep me entertained. And I don't like to be stuck at level 80 forever. I want some kind of treadmill. I loved GW1 because you could farm gear or skills and that's missing in GW2.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrugal View Post
    Storytelling: I think we can all agree that the personal story in classic GW2 is just bad, very very bad. The LW storytelling is much better, but I still have to cringe every few minutes.
    I don't agree. I enjoyed the personal story. LW (season 1) was horrendously awful and, frankly, one of the main reasons I quit the game. I wanted an expansion. Knowing content going forward was going to be more LW I completely lost interest in continuing to play (I already had 100% map completion and an alt of every class). I finished Battle for Lion's Arch and haven't touched the game since.
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    At this point it's the fact that I have been gone so long I have no flippin idea what's going on.

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