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    It all depends on how the theme of the expansion is:

    If we have an expansion, where we are at open war with each other, it does not make much sense to have a shared city hub. Maybe if there is a 3rd strong faction keeping the peace like in TBC; but since we are all gods right now, i can't imagine that happening. So if they have war, i would love to see 2 big castles or forts, that work as our faction hub, where battle is constant if you go outside and as far from the peacefull Ashran as possible.

    If there is peace between the faction, i would love to see a big fucking city be our citiy hub...Like even bigger then Suramar, having an entire zone be one big city. My favorite city hubs in WoW history was TBC, where you had this giant open city to run around in and have fun with. Having different factions fight for control of the city, and us, could be fun and maybe even have some of the city be under attack throughout the expansion, with new patches creating new enemies who try to destroy the city, maybe even ending with us abandoning the city because it gets too fucked.
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    Im pretty conservative with those citys

    Kul'tiras for the Alliance, Undermine for the Horde.

    And for the extra hardworking bloodsail admirals, Plunder Isle as a secret third capital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryzael View Post
    I hope it's Dalaran, I sure love Dalaran
    Dalaran should just be propelled by a couple of zepplins at this point and just become the main city for every expac...
    Oooo noooo old gods invading, tentacles everywhere.... sigh, back to dalaran everyone.

    Shared cities are my fave tho (ever since shattrath) and i love to see the few alliance that remain on a high-pop-horde server (i dont even see that many cross realm zone ppl either).

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    Yes, surely if Dalaran can move to the broken isles it can also move to wherever the next exp takes place. It just wouldn't feel like wow without Dalaran as a sanctuary city.

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    Making sure High Elves remain locked in the salt mines of Quel'thalas.
    I’d like to see Kul Tiras being “shared”.

    A massive city, bigger than Suramar, one third Alliance controlled, one third Horde controlled and the last third (In the middle of the Alliance and Horde districts) would be a warzone akin to Ashran or Alterac Valley.

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    If it's another Old World revamp, I would love to see Gadgetzan updated to it's Hearthstone equivalent.

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    For God sakes give me Gilneas City as a real city for Alliance (and also Kul'Tiras for Alliance and Undermine for the Horde-plz and thank you)

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoc View Post
    If it's another Old World revamp, I would love to see Gadgetzan updated to it's Hearthstone equivalent.
    I would love Gadgetzan to get that big update!

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