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    Which console is best for Minecraft

    Title says it all. Some consoles have different adds, etc.

    I prefer the Xbox 360 for Minecraft but others might be different.
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    PC because of mods.

    But if its just consoles then that really is ether one of the fallowing.

    1) Xbox One (Cause of Cross-Play with switch)
    2) Switch. (Cause of Cross-Play with XB1 and portability)

    So if u don't care about portability and own a XB1 buy it there. If you don't care about mods,portability or cross-play buy it for whatever platform you like the most.
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    PC, you get 2 versions to play (Java and Win10), each with their own benefits.

    They now call the Windows 10 edition the Bedrock edition, which is compatible with PC/Android/IoS/Xbox One, and soon Switch

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    I would recommend PC for Minecraft. PC gaming is very powerful. These days PC games have separate gaming consoles that offer high quality gaming experience. Along with Minecraft, One can play many games like FIFA 18, Destiny 2, etc on PC. Visit to know more.

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    My vote for PC means the original Minecraft. None of this Windows 10 garbage.

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    Definitely PC.
    I mean, once you get to play kitchen sink modpacks, it will be a whole new world of progression, technic and magic. There are so much possibilities, given if you do have the RAM needed.

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    PC's a no brainer... you should've not given that as an option.

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    Java edition will always be the flagship of the Minecraft series.

    VANILLA Java you filthy modders.

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    I don't see an option for "None of them"
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    PC for mods, Switch for handheld. No question. Neckbeard rambling about this weeaboo trash

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    PC > Switch > xbox > nothing
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