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  • Protection

    14 21.54%
  • Retribution

    15 23.08%
  • Holy

    14 21.54%
  • Protection & Retribution

    6 9.23%
  • Protection & Holy

    9 13.85%
  • Retribution & Holy

    4 6.15%
  • All Three of Them

    3 4.62%
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    Which Spec do you like best?

    I love Retribution the best... Not that good with Protection and Holy.
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    Arms, followed by Unholy and Frost.
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    People really are different :>
    I played paladin horde since TBC, and i HATE current retribution cant even play it.

    Colossus strike effect is NOT FUN.

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    I think that holy feels most solid, but i miss my shield and 1h more than anything in the whole world!

    Retribution works mechanically, but doesn't feel special to me.

    Protection is meh.

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    I still like retribution the best, though i would agree that the current mechanic with Judgement, and the problems with Crusade drag it down. I would love to have the old proc based light show spam fest back with some modernization.

    Holy seems to be in the right spot, being the king of single target healing / tank healing.

    Protection is also okay, though i would like to see some passive defenses, so that we are not left so vulnerable when we don't have active mitigation up.
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    I'm not the best to answer as I only picked up a pally in legion (other than toying with my hubby's main in other xpacs) and I got forced into Ret since we didn't need healers. Though I will say I was holy for a bit leveling and it was so hard in comparison to maining a resto druid since Vanilla. I've really enjoyed it overall once I got WOA on my artifact generating HP and I got some haste.

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    Where is the none option?

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    Retribution, always played the spec since Cata (when I started). I miss Cata Ret, when we had alot of the talents as Baseline like Divine Purpose, Word of Glory, the passive that gave you 15% increased runspeed, auras, seals. Sure, the auras/seals were more flavour thing, but I liked them.

    I still like Ret, dont get me wrong, but I prefer the Cata > MoP version.

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    Until Legion neutered the Ret style, I would say Ret. I still main my Ret pally though. Done everything on that character since end of BC, so it makes it hard to just drop it for something else.

    I do like how Prot works, even with it's hiccups, and have actually dusted off my tanking boots for the first time since Cata in Legion.
    I've never bothered healing as a Pally until Legion as well. Have healed some Normal raids and Timewalking stuff.

    If anything, I give Legion props for getting me to play all three specs for a change.

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    Protection hands down

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    I have mained Prot since TBC and am not a fan of its current design. I am maining Ret this expac (we didn't need a tank in my guild so) and am more of a fan of the "feel" of it now over past expacs. Keep in mind I said feel of it, the DPS output is not quite where I'd like and there are still issues with how the class feels, I just like it more than what it used to be. Mostly the reduction of just how many procs you would get and having your action bar look like glowy whack-a-mole. So yeah right now, Prot/Ret all the way, Holy just isn't my jam though, but that's because healing in general ain't my thing.

    I'm just a huge fan of Paladins in general though, the class fantasy is always attractive for me, whether it's a Guardian in GW2, Paladin in D&D, Templar in ESO, Crusader in Diablo 3... I like the heavily armoured light-wielding, smiter of evil things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EternalBany View Post
    People really are different :>
    I played paladin horde since TBC, and i HATE current retribution cant even play it.

    Colossus strike effect is NOT FUN.

    I like Ret best, but I dislike current Ret, that just means that I dislike Prot and Holy more (mostly because I don't enjoy either tanking or healing).

    In addition to removing Judgment smash, Ret needs better mobility, on par with Prot Paladins mobility (Knight Templar/Steed of Glory talents), and we need our pruned iconic stuff back, like Hammer of Wrath.
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