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    Third Tier Relic Choices

    Ok so here's my question, I'm only at artifact level 66 right now so not too worried, but I'm looking at my tier 3 relic choices. I have a choice to put all three 3 tiers into the cool down of trueshot, or two into marked shot damage, and one into aimed shot critical damage. I guess I could put one in each as well, I'm leaning towards trueshot cooldown, does anyone know how much cd it would be with 7 points into trueshot cooldown ?

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    Check the MM section on Icy Veins, it has a pretty extensive guide on what to choose based on all of the available options

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    7 points in quickshot is 58 sec reduction.

    But you will likely have changed atleast your blood and life relic by the time you hit 72 and 75 artifact level, so why bother thinking about it now.

    But in an alternate reality where you had artifact level 75 right now and this was actually relevant, then you would want to take 2x quick shot and 1 deadly aim.
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    Trueshot CD reduction is extremely difficult to give a value too since it comes down to whether or not it gives you an extra usage of the CD on the fight. You can do some calculations and figure it out but it's also going to change on a weekly basis as your guild kills bosses faster and faster.

    Regardless, ilvl of the relic itself is far more important than the traits. Which is why the values are so close together on icyveins. If you want to be lazy but guarantee a dps increase, choose the non-TS traits. As already mentioned, you'll probably replace them by the time you get to 72 and 75 anyway.

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    I haven't played since wod, and these are 910's from Argus. I turned 110 about a month ago, but my current work schedule is pretty hard to raid around other than lfr, so I'll probably get stuck with these for a while unless I get lucky in a greater invasion. Thanks for the replies, now I'm thinking if I still have them, I'll probably go for the immediate gaurunteed damage

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