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    Lightbulb world of Warcraft: Fallen Kingdoms NOT A REAL LEAK

    This is obviously not a real leak, you understood that from this being my first post. Rather, it is more like wishful thinking. I know some people find these kinds of threads at least a bit entertaining, and so do I. But I thought I´d be fair and let you know from the get go that I´m just doing this for fun.

    World of Warcraft: Fallen Kingdoms

    Even with a major focus on old god corruption and terrifying monsters rising from the depths, this expansion takes a step back. During release, horde vs alliance will be the driving force of the story. The expansion starts when jaina calls out to Genn and Sylvanas. Something terrible has happened to her home, and she needs them to stop their bickering and unite in cleansing whatever has taken over. The message is unclear, but they both take to the seas to join her. Sylvana and Grenn are at each other as usual, and with the legion gone, are able to fully focus on destroying each other. Pre-patch will cover the initial fighting between their armadas, and the final landfall at the beaches of Kul’Tiras. During questing, the players will learn that another force is behind this renewed fighting. Something is whispering to our leaders, and we need to unite Azeroths forces against this new threat.

    A world in turmoil
    – A full revamp of Azeroth has been done, and while some zones are back to basics, classic World of Warcraft (the questing and storyline is made to stand up over several expansions), others contain new, original threats. The biggest differences can be seen in the Lordaeron region, where old kingdoms have been rebuilt in previously destroyed zones, and in southern Kalimdor, where C’thun has launched a full attack.
    Four new levling zones, again the same system legion had.

    1. Southern islands – Similar to vash’jir and argus in that three islands make up a single content zone with shared quests. These islands contain many treasures, this is both good and bad. Some of these treasures are remenants of an old, dark civilisation. The local population find it laying around and pick it up, not understanding it.

    Undermine. The zone is like a mix of deadmines, and un’goro crater in feel. Gemstones everywhere, dark and reddish. Mazes. Like Highmountain in that most of the area will allow flying and easy movement, but caves and tunnels are everywhere. The story revolves around helping the goblins escape the area, where a dark presense has arisen from the depths of the mines and is trying to bring the entire area down.

    Tel’abim. Think strangethorn vale meets twilight highlands. Jungle heavy area with tones of blue and purple (old god corruption). The local race of primitive humanoids are facing a threat to their banana trade. They do not understand it and some of them have started cults that see the old gods as the only true gods. Twilights hammer are trying to convert the population.

    Plunder isle. Argh! Pirate ships, sea battles and treasure. The pirate lords call for our help in desperation, as the forgotten pirate king Grimwald has returned from death and is terrorising the other lords. His ship circles the island and prays on those who wont join him. Alliance and horde join different pirate crews and take to the seas in opposition.

    2. Zandalar – The zone is massive, full of ruins and great temples to all the loa. The empire was ravaged by the cataclysm, and traces of the catastrophy are prominent wherever you step. The massive troll empire has been silent for years. King Rastakhan has quietly been planning his revenge. In his passivity he has listened to the preachings of his prophet, Zul. But something else is whispering as well.

    3. Kul’Tiras – Jaina is calling out to us from her home, the home that used to be sanctuary. The ancient seafaring kingdom has been ravaged by an unknown entity, and at her return Jainas eyes opened for a new enemy. She is willing to forgive the horde for their wrong-doings, as she realises all help is needed.

    4. Dragon Isles – North of Stratholme lies the Dragon Isles, a mysterious realm, changing in nature and wildlife. The whispers of the old gods have long affected the dragon aspects, which also played it´s part in this zone. Nozdormu has called out to us in order to help him stabilise the area, including the time zones.

    A world in conflict.
    Two new PvP-areas and two new capitals.
    Alterac – the old human kingdom of Alterac has long been under the control of stubborn ogres. Rebuilding has begun, but the region
    Gilneas – the Worgen capital has been stressed by Sylvanas forces for too long, it is time to take it back!
    Battle for the domination of your new capital once every week. The areas come with open world renovations of the classic battlegrounds.

    Four Dungeons at release!
    Proudmoor manor – Jainas family is a rich and honorable one, but someone seems set on them losing control of their beloved island. 110+
    Sands of time – Nozdormu has to face both past and future, and is asking us to help him. 110+
    Spirits of the lost empire - Within the ruins of the troll capital, the loa are being tortured by rastakhans minions. 110+
    Undermine vaults – something terrifying is shaking the foundation of undermine. 110+

    Four dungeons available at max level!

    Blackrock Depths – Magni has retaken Blackrock depths and is communicating with Azeroth, but who else is on the line? 120+ (Hc, M)
    Unnamed pirate dungeon – we take to the seas to fight the ghost crew of Gryndwald. 120+
    The Black Empire – Nozdormu takes us to the ancient past, looking for the whispers that started the infinite dragonflight. 120+
    Tombs of Boralus – In the capital of Kul’tiras, we face the great old god minions corrupting the land, including a terrible Ancient One. 120+

    Two raids in the first tier!
    The golden throne
    – 8 bosses. Rastakhan, Zul, return of the mythic difficulty only boss (surprise - knaifu has a friend!).
    Fields of battle – 3 bosses. A short raid where we are shown the consequences of meaningless war. A big focus on storytelling here (three bosses, three cinematics, characters we love die), and as we fight Grenn or Sylvanas in the last fight, we start doubting why we fight to start with. This raid looks different depending on your faction.

    What lurks beneath the surface?
    Naz’jatar – Patch 8.1 content, zone is released relatively soon after the first raids. Similar to Suramar in scope. Story driven max level content. Also contains the first patched raid – ”Palace of Zin’Azhari” and two mythic only dungeons – ”The Descent into Madness” and ”Abyssal Maw”.

    Deeper and deeper into the darkness
    Once we have defeated Azhara in the Palace of Zin’Ashari raid, we uncover a set of caverns leading us into the abyss of Nyalotha.

    New character creation options!
    Blood elves
    - Nightborne
    - Broken & Lightforged
    - Dark iron & Wildhammer
    - Vrykul and half elves
    - Mag’har
    - Highmountain tauren
    Night elves
    - Gillblins
    - Saberon
    - Jungle & zandalari trolls
    - Darkfallen
    - Furbolgs
    - Mecha gnomes

    Worgen and goblins have finally been given a model update.

    Heroes and villains
    Jaina Proudmoore
    Pirate king Gryndwald
    Alleria – Allerias life is full of hard choices and conflicts: between her beloved husband and the powers of the void; between Vareesas alliance and Sylvanas’s new horde.
    Rastakhan and Zul
    Magni bronzebeard.

    What about our artifacts?
    Our beloved artifacts will have to be used to seal up the tear in Silithus. Our leaders seem to have no idea what the extent of the damage really is. Individual questlines will lead us to the locations where we once defeated old gods. We will again journey to Ahn Qiraji, Ulduar and Pandaria, where we try to understand what has truly happened. We seem to be alone in understanding that the world is in great peril from a forgotten foe.
    The disruptions all over Azeroth have woken them once again, in weakened states. They are again whispering to the heroes and villains of Azeroth, and we seem to stand alone. A grand theme running over the whole expansion is at first the detective work we need to do, and then the conflict with our own factions. The players will feel like they can’t trust anyone.

    The real truthsayers?

    Along the journey to clarity, we will collect new weapons, old black empire relics that communicate with us and lead us along different paths. Aside from the main questing content, our new weapons will occasionally send us on missions of it’s own. We know we cannot be certain to trust these arnaments, but surely we can trust our own intuitions?

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    If the idea was to present ideas, a wishlist etc then as you have with this post it should just be stated at the start.
    So nobody can try to dismiss it away as a fake leak when it clearly isn't trying to be.
    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios.
    Quote Originally Posted by Reinaerd View Post
    T'is good to see there are still people valiantly putting the "Ass" in assumption.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComputerNerd View Post
    If the idea was to present ideas, a wishlist etc then as you have with this post it should just be stated at the start.
    So nobody can try to dismiss it away as a fake leak when it clearly isn't trying to be.
    or hes trying to present it as such when in reality he actually has an inside track

    World of Warcraft: The Fallen Kingdom confirmed next xpac

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    By the way, sorry for the two doubles of this thread that appeared (I´m such a noob). If any mod sees this, please remove them asap!

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    - Furbolgs"

    L O L - at least your "leak" has some good humor

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    Nightelves got screwed. No subrace.

    Otherwise, good write up. I enjoyed reading it.

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    Not a bad idea. Would be happy enough with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calypsà View Post
    Nightelves got screwed. No subrace.
    Agh crap. I´ll give them... Highborne, why not!

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    He's fibbing, this is a troll and this IS the next expansion. :-) Or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calypsà View Post
    Nightelves got screwed. No subrace.

    Otherwise, good write up. I enjoyed reading it.
    You read it wrong the night elf sub race are night elf goblins. Little blue horrors like yordels from league of legends.

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    I like it just because you don't try and pretend this is real.

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    Oh look, another thinly veiled "Sylvanas did nothing wrong, end the faction war nao" propaganda

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    Quote Originally Posted by IBM View Post
    Worgen and goblins have finally been given a model update.
    I'm all in, so long as the Worgen update gets rid of the constant angryface and the female's chihuahua eyes. Let's do this thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IBM View Post
    Agh crap. I´ll give them... Highborne, why not!
    Highbourne are night elves.

    The Highbourne was just the higher caste of NE society

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnyderp View Post
    Oh look, another thinly veiled "Sylvanas did nothing wrong, end the faction war nao" propaganda
    I'm an alliance player since vanilla, have no love for Sylvanas. Would love to see them do something with the story that is a little more complex than "war is gud, more war".

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    That actually kinda makes sense for once maybe someone could be right on something.
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