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    Rework the token system because they added too many things to buy with them and now it costs too much gold to play and I'm spoiled from not paying $15 a month since they were first added to the game.
    Furthermore, I consider that China must be destroyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marrilaife View Post
    Everyone can get enough gold to get by, I just wish you didn't need to use addons to use the AH. Not everyone can get "so rich they can afford every TCG mount" what you were talking about, TGC mounts are limited in numbers so by the sole nature of limited quantity goods the price will be out of reach for majority.

    There's a difference between getting enough gold to afford 1 token a month and getting enough gold to afford 1 token A DAY. The second one will never be possible for the masses, because there isn't enough token sellers in this game (a.k.a. whales), and the price is self-adjusting. I'd rather see the economy promoting the way where 30 people get 1 token a month than 1 guy getting 30 tokens a month. First is free market, second is closer to monopoly, since gold to token and token to gold is a mostly closed circle, for someone to buy more tokens someone else is getting less.

    Helping medium scale traders at the expense of high end moguls, yes sure.

    There are tons of improvements that could help these people, for example many get discouraged from mass crafting because of how much inventory space it takes to prepare your sales. Was especially prevalent with glyphs. If they could implement for example that expired items wouldn't directly go to the mailbox, but be stored in separate AH window for x amount of time, and you could choose to repost them or withdraw them, that would help with the issue of having to cycle through tons of items through mailbox and inventory.

    Another thing they could implement is a wishlist - some addons already help with it, but again, AH should be usable without having to use addons. Some people might be looking for specific rare item, or want to monitor a price on something, would be nice if there was a way to do so without addons.

    And of course the stack splitting / combining. If I want to buy exactly 538 dreamleaf, the game should calculate the cheapest ones and save me clicking / scrolling mouse 500+ times. Yes, that probably would downgrade my revenue a bit (since I used to sell stacks of 20 augment runes back in the days for 50% extra over the single runes prices), but would improve experience for many and nullify the impact of trolls who post 10000 stacks of 1.
    add ons are for sure mandatory. everyone can get enough gold to afford what they want currently, assuming they learn about wow economy community.
    the masses will never get a token a day, because they're not interested in doing the steps necessary to achieve this. they rather not do it. and that's how it should be, no need to change it. someone who want it will do it with time and efforts, that's very fair.

    yes they totally need to improve the ui. the mailbox thing always felt clunky to me.
    I wish they'd improve ah performance, literally everything loading instantly but I might be dreaming

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