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    I have never heard of a country that celebrates the losing side of a civil war. Russia went as far as to change the name of a city, to get away from their zhar history. The passive French, cut their heads off. There are no other countries that have a losing rebellion celebrated 100s of years later.
    Caesar says hello.

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    Its not documented. And yeah is that smart. He attended to one of the more expensive Universites. It's also what made him president he made people hear what they want to hear.
    Yes he Said what people wanted to hear mot what they needed to hear. Sad that he cannot deliver anything he promised.

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    He was in the middle of an interview. This is fake news.

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    He was in the middle of an interview. This is fake news.

    No, it's not fake news. He even spoke about the bugle/trumpet calls when talking. He clearly heard it, and didn't care.

    Once again, how is it disrespectful for players to kneel, but not disrespectful for him to bullshit and brag during the retreat o the Colors?

    Yep, I'm still waiting on that outrage from the "boycott the NFL" folks.

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