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    some overlap

    but ones a mental abnormality and ones physical
    Evidence is that being trans is the result of prenatal hormones impacting the brain.

    And to be frank, intersex doesn't have a clear definition. I have AIS (mild to partial, somewhere in between) and I've been both included and excluded by support groups and various criteria. Really got crapped on by a few people when I decided to transition. I even got called a "faker" despite presenting a bunch of symptoms (the most obvious being a lack of facial / body hair and a voice that never dropped).

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    In what way is this not the parents fault?
    When needing psychological assistants why can't they search it themselves?
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    Don't worry, it doesn't matter what you feel.
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    Literally how dumb the argument was.
    Holy fucking shitballs, do you even know what literally means and how to use it? You sound like some dumb broad I used to work with. Every time she would open her piehole the world literally would be in a sentence somewhere.

    The day I heard her say "literally get a life" was the day I stopped listening her to inane drivel. Normally, I would just roll my eyes and groan to myself when she was speaking, because while she was quite intelligent, she was like most 20somethings, nearly braindead. Hell, in a meeting, she used literally three times in a single sentence. Three fucking times. All of them incorrectly. It took all of my self control not to throw up in my mouth.

    Congratulations on raping the English language. I hope you're proud.
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