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    Hunter PvP status

    Cheers, I hope I'm not creating a redundant thread...
    I've just got back to WoW after a several months long hiatus and I want to give my hunter a chance.
    I'll cut to the chase now...what's the most viable spec for hunters for 2v2 and 3v3 arenas? Would MM be playable with the Lone Wolf talent or is the pet mandatory?

    Does anyone know an up-to-date guide about hunters in PvP? I'm looking for something/someone to suggest me what talents/pvp talents to pick and when since I probably won't renew and I don't want to spend this month having a hard time figuring this stuff out by myself :P

    Thank you in advance

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    I am using this guide here but i am not a pro PvPer just from time to time for fun so I don't know if this guide is even good, maybe someone will have a better answer to make us both happy


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    youtube [ dot ] com/watch?v=J-lmaQhG4Ks Check it out, it's pretty damn accurate ^^
    It's Tosan's 7.3 MM guide off youtube, if you prefer to search for it ^^

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    survival is quite strong as well in a couple of comps (thug especially) No-one making videos though, maybe Dilly has some in the works

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