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    Cheating is cheating. Like others have said, you're really just hurting yourself. Most of my professors said go ahead and use Google, open book/note, but there is a time limit so you won't have time to look up every answer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott1019 View Post
    So I cheated on my online quiz. Ive been studying for my other classes but not this one. Ill go back and study the material once im free.
    Just Information to all of the haters out there

    My prof said to only open one browser while doing the quiz, and thats what I did. However, I used my phone to google some of the question (word to word), but I googled it using the school wifi. What are the chances ill get caught? I used my laptop to do the quiz btw
    100%, u get to pick between the gas chamber or the chair.

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    Your professor knew cheating was possible. Maybe he's just seeing which of his students has integrity?

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    Well there you go congratulations. How ever when you make it beyond this. The real problems in life will come and you can’t fake it forever.

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    We used to browse through code of poorly coded quiz to get right answers, then i've talked to one guy responsible for this and he, basically, said, that if you was smart enough to cheat this way you would pass these tests easily, this shit was intentional :\
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