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    I use wireless Internet at my house and don't have any regrets. I bought router Linksys AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Router a few years ago. During this time the connection dropped only a few times. In such cases the detailed instructions helped me to check the router's settings and troubleshoot the problem. After buying a good router for a couple hundred bucks years back I just didn’t see any reason to upgrade.
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    Tried going full wireless once, I do not exactly have very fond memories doing it.

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    Finally went back to wired after 4 years of wireless and haven't had massive lag issues since. Every time my cousin's nephew would turn the PS4 on and play/watch shit, my ms would shoot up in the 2-3k range from the usual PST server (both WoW and FFXIV) ms of 69-75.

    Doesn't help that I live in the basement apartment with the router upstairs either.

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    I work at a B2B ISP in the UK, and we primarily use either TP Link, Draytek or Cisco routers, lets get that out of the way first.

    Where do you live (sorry if it's been mentioned, I have read through and didn't see)?

    If it's the UK, if you have neighbours who are on BT and use the new BT hub stick to wired internet. BT's new hub floods all "N" channels and can often cause carnage for other customers. We often have to set our routers to broadcast on "G" channels to counter this.

    Keyboard, Mice, Headsets etc all perform fine on wireless. One thing to consider however is that they generally use either 2.4 or 5Ghz channels themselves.

    Another UK problem especially in older houses or buildings, stone internal walls, these do not play well with WiFi. Same goes for people with lots of mirrors or mirrored corridors, does not like WiFi.

    The list could go on, as several have said before me. Wireless peripherals are fine but I would advise against wireless internet, you will ALWAYS get the best experience with wired internet

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