View Poll Results: Increase Level Cap or continue with Masteries?

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  • Increase Level Cap

    7 24.14%
  • Masteries

    22 75.86%
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    There is not a single thing I want less than an increased level cap, I already have two MMOs where that's the norm for xpacs and I don't really like rendering all my gear moot every time. One of the best things about GW2 is I can take a break and not have to come back and grind out levels or gear just to be able to play with my friends.

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    I havent answered the poll,cause I dont like you make it like black or white,this or that. New level cap? No. There is no need. As a wow-main player I was questioning the new level caps in wow for years. I dont remember though if it was my "original" idea or I was influnced from gw2.

    Anyways,between the two,masteries are fine,while a new level cap will destroy gw2,if ever implemented. Players dont need new levels,we just need a carrot on a stick like artifact power,or masteries or maybe a new legendary.

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    I like the mastery system, it just could have been some more in PoF than just mounts :P
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