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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    Those who think they cheat, Obvious have no clue how to deal against a multiboxer. They are quite easy to kill if you find the main.
    Next to that. he pays for all his accounts, so he deserves to do w/e he wants to do. It's lovely to see little kids rage over it though.
    Which logic do you use when you think that defeating the main character, it - "somehow" - automatically cripples other 10 characters?
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    Nothing that is allowed by Blizzard is cheating. Of course each person has his own definition of "cheating". Some call cheating a rogue that uses Ambush, I mean why the fuck isn't that coward coming out of the shadows before hitting you in the back?

    I think people are jealous of multiboxers because they have enough money to do that shit in the first place. I don't see no other reason, because why would you care if someone can do some content alone, or fuck you up in PvP? What is the difference between being fucked up in PvP by a multiboxers or being fucked up by a better geared / skilled player? No difference.

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    Cheating? Blizzard says no.
    Anti-social? Depends on the player, but often yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummockelchen View Post
    fixed that because Blizzard says so.
    So if Blizzard allowed botting that also would not be considered cheating because "Blizzard says so"?
    Quote Originally Posted by Shnider View Post
    the problem is not in the game, the problem is within you. Your standards are too high.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rorcanna View Post
    LFR-players of today are capable of going to Classic and beat the final raids
    Complete delusion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mollox View Post
    Because you are ONE person using ONE keystroke to do TEN actions at the same time, that and besides the amount of gold/rep/boes a large-scale multiboxer can farm gives them definitely an advantage over one player, be it PvP or PvE which is against the Code of Conduct that Blizzard posts publicly.
    An advantage. Not cheating. Again how is one person controlling the action of 10 toons differs from 10 player controlling 10 toons?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mollox View Post
    And for those who thinks this does not effect PvE in a way, just think about this prospect, someone gave a rough number of getting 12k from doing Argus WQ's that's Argus alone, add the broken isles as well as the 2500g Garrison-esque gold missions as well as twink BOEs that can drop from random and multiply that gold gain as well as drop chances by 10, the boxer could have more 110 characters (Ie a second group of 10 level 110s) and continues this farming process to make gold to flood the market, or even sell the gold if their profits exceed what a WoW token costs, which I am sure does cover it.

    Does this seem right?
    And this person is paying for 10 accounts for the privilege.

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    A keystroke usually counts only for the active window. Using tools which bypass that mechanic by extending the keystrokes to several windows is cheating for me. Like someone said "ONE keystroke for TEN actions".

    Keep in mind that you can use such tools for other useful things. You can do quests, raids or something else with a char while a char on another account automatically destroys pots in the Obliterum Forge with every keystroke.

    Don't forget that the Legion loot system is an advantage for multiboxers, too. Every char in the group gets his own loot.

    However, I can understand the other side. Multiboxers pay for each account and the initial keystroke is real and not from a bot.
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