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    I'd say new Race.
    New Class would only work if it's a new Mail user (preferably a tank) or maybe a cloth tank.
    That would just complicate balance tho.

    Give subraces.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nordolf View Post
    They should add more races to the store. Wonder why they haven't considered something like that yet.
    because they dont want to make the game pay to win?

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    Gnome/Goblin Tinker Hero Class.

    Three specs: Siege (Tank), Medic (Heals) and Gadgeteer (DPS).

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    I want a bard class. I play them in any game that has them. I love the aesthetics and usually they have a unique playstyle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amishjello View Post
    I rather see more or unrestricted race/class combos. I mean, really, just let people play what they want. Not everything need s perfect lore reason.
    We can barely get Blizzard to make armor work with the current races its available to, you really thing they are gonna take the time to make shapeshifting models for every race? or demon options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twistedelmo View Post
    Its hard to add a new class when they already covered majority of them. it would be another scenario like Demon hunter taking away from the Warlocks Demonology spec.

    If we are to see anything it will probably be 4th specs to certain classes.
    Demon Hunter didn't take away from Demonology - Demonology was simply using spells that never belonged to them to cater to player Nostalgia.
    Adding Demon Hunter actually made Blizzard wake the fuck up and give us a proper Demonology concept.
    Still has much to improve, but the old Demon Hunter wannabe spec was a joke.

    If Blizzard decides to add Dark Ranger to the game, which is perfectly feasible, Hunter would lose Black Arrow, but then again, that's another ability that has no purpose in Hunter and was given just for the sake of Nostalgia.

    I agree with adding more specs, though, although the goal shouldn't be to reach a specific number per Class.
    No half-assed specs.

    Hunters should keep the Melee spec under a different name and get back their Ranged Survival (properly redesigned).
    Death Knights should get back their Blood DPS.
    Warriors could get the Gladiator Stance back as a 4th spec.
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    To be honest, i wuold prefer a new class. Not because i can't live without, but, since i play this game for a loooooooong time, something fresh always catch my attention and it's one more reason to come back and play!

    Of course a new race can work too. Subraces wuold be fine, but i don't think they can be a major selling point, unless they really do an amazing work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaunika123 View Post
    because they dont want to make the game pay to win?
    A subrace wouldn't be Pay-To-Win, they wouldn't have different racials, it would just be cosmetic.

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    Given the choice between new class or race I'd go with race. That being said, what I want to see most at this point is increased customization options to existing races, with sub-races following that.

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    I already have all characters at level cap , don't give two shits about a new race.

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    Hero Race, with unique names and spell animations for whichever class its eligible to play.

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    Race, we dont even got a 3e spec for Demonhunters so atm i dont see a need for another class till the demonhunters get fully fleshed out and balanced in into the rest.
    I can see a 3e spec maybe for the demonhunter class next tho to open the class up to some other races with it.
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    C137 For now......
    wanna see etherials personally. and there was a necromancer class build that i saw on here somewhere yesterday that was amazing to the point id reroll it in a heartbeat....especially if i can play it as etherial
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    New race. Another class means someone will be upset about balancing, again. Plus, I'd rather they work on balancing the classes more before adding another one.

    I am also one of those that would love to see Ethereals be playable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellrime View Post
    A subrace wouldn't be Pay-To-Win, they wouldn't have different racials, it would just be cosmetic.
    he didnt say subrace, just "race"

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