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    Frost Dk Stats

    does anyone know if Crit chance is better then Mastery overall? it seems like quite a few pieces of Frost Dk gear from the new raid that comes soon gives Crit and versi.

    so far i got

    53% Mastery
    25.5% Haste
    13.4% Crit.

    Item Level 909

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    You do need some crit, as Killing Machine procs are driven by Autoattack crits. I'd generally aim for 20-25% as a baseline.

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    When I was playing frost i liked 25-30% crit and 20-30(just wherever you end up with whatever gear you have) haste. This is looking at it from a smoothness of gameplay perspective. I'm sure what the sims will tell you is something completely different

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    It depends on talents, ilvl, legendaries, etc.

    13% crit is pretty low. Most shoot for 20% min. (Maybe 30% if doing FSc or something.) But crit pretty much always diminishes in value at higher levels, so it'll eventually become your lowest priority stat.

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