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    Is blizzard intentionally matching people higher rank with lower rank to sell boxes?

    So you play a lot of roadhog and there is a skin you really want that someone who is higher rank than you has that is also a roadhog main. Activision will put you two in a match and the better roadhog will ruin the game but you get to see his skin and then blizzard will track whether or not you bought loot boxes after that interaction and HOPEFULLY the lootboxes are rigged to give you the skins it thinks you want. That's the only upside i can see to this, if they are matching people of higher ranking with lower rank then trying to balance the matches around that just to sell loot boxes that's crazy
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    Didn't they just get a patent for this?

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    No. Say what you want about blizzard, but they wouldn't do that. Unless they were forced to.

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    GG taking a graphic from an article about this patent and removing all the surrounding info to create this thread.

    Just bravo.

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    This is the dumbest thread I've read on MMO-Champion all year and this forum gets some really stupid shit posted on it.

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    Since Overwatch is not pay to win a system like this wouldn't really be worth the negative PR. Closing this.

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